Happy March [2022]!

Water Chalk No3 © Marina Kanavaki

Technique: watercolour & chalk pastels Dimensions: 13x21cm [unframed]


Playing with chalk pastels and watercolors for March [3]

with the months colors

[light blue, aquamarine and white]


…and selected details as a journey within! 😉


Happy March everyone!


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  1. Ahhhh March … it’s come in like a giant here in my lil world.
    Hot temps – mid 80′ – is preety hot for us during March. The winds
    are blustery too. Perhaps, with the beautiful soft colors in your painting
    March will go out like a lamb. I love your colors in this outstanding
    rendition of almost Spring. Be safe … stay healthy
    Isadora 😎😍🤗

  2. She was refreshed each morning by a tabula rasa. It brought her a sense of well being, as the story of her was untold, new, fresh, untainted, primed by yesterday’s try. Raw powder and water mixed. Glad you’re still going strong kid.

  3. Hi Marina, this is absolutely beautiful! I love the colors, so soothing and March-ish. Happy March again, dear friend. Can’t wait to see more of your amazing creations! 💙💚💙💚💙💚

  4. Happy March, dear one. Your artwork is beautiful beyond description. It brightens the day and this is so perfect for March. You are truly gifted with creativity and talent and so much heart. 💙🦋🐠💦🪁💎🤍💙

  5. The shades of blue here sing and so make me think of foam on the ocean’s waves, clouds sinking into the sky, and watercolor washes. A lovely note on which to enter March!

  6. I am delighted that we entered March together, Marina. Your painting celebrates the joy of awakening, of gentle colours that appear from the ground, and the welcoming warmth of the blue sky of spring. I love the number three. For me, it is a number that celebrates community and conversations. Your colours symbolize a sense of optimism and courage. Sending hugs to you and Hera!

    • Oh, so am I, my dearest Rebecca! Thank you for your wonderful words. Optimism and courage are two words that are so needed right now…
      Many hugs back to you and tail wags from Hera!

  7. What a beautiful piece to usher in a new month! It is a visual delight, and like a grace note it “feels” musical to me. Happy March, Marina friend.

  8. What a lovely welcome to this most predictably unpredictable month! Can’t decide between really showing spring and dumping with a nice fresh layer of snow… well, in my neck of the woods, anyway!

  9. That is one of the most beautiful threes I have ever scene. Happy March, Marina. Oh! “Happy March, Marina” would make a good song title.

  10. a swirl of chalky blue-purples held in motion with a green stem! Yes, Marina, these are the fitting colours of March – not those gaudy, sulphur yellows that cultured daffodils spew but Siberian squill, Chionodoxa and small irises – and the first of mine has just emerged. May March Days bring you more happy inspirations

    • First of mine just emerged too! 😉
      Your words are my heartwarming boost for the month. Thank you so much, Laura. May we all move to more peaceful colors.
      Happy inspirations to you too, my kind friend.

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