Francisco Goya “The Madhouse”

The Madhouse [La casa de locos]

Oil on panel • Romanticism • 45 x 72 cm • 1808/1812 • Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando

The Madhouse is an oil on panel he produced it between 1812 and 1819 based on a scene he had witnessed at the then-renowned Zaragoza mental asylum. It depicts a mental asylum and the inhabitants in various states of madness.


Francisco Goya

Spanish romantic painter and printmaker
was born in Fuendetodos in Aragon, Spain

March 30, 1746

His style: Romanticism

Check my tribute to this great artist here: Francisco Goya


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  1. Heading over to look while I listen at Oannes!
    I blew up the Madhouse. poo-tin belongs in there, but I didn’t see him.

  2. I think some people, especially women, were committed for financial or other dishonorable reasons on the part of the family. So their madness might have arisen from being forced to live in a place like that.

  3. This is a incredible painting, Marina. It captures the horror and despair of those madhouses. The confusion, the uncertainty, and feeling of being trapped speaks to a greater conversation. I agree with Tim and Martina – resonates with our current reality.

    • I couldn’t agree more, Rebecca and this was the reason why I chose this painting over others. It really does resonate with our current state! Thank you, my dear friend!

  4. It’s an absolutely great picture and as Timothy said perfect also for our days! I have just seen a great Goya exhibition in Basle, Switzerland! Many thank, Marina:)

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