Eugène Delacroix “Royal Tiger”

Royal Tiger

Watercolor and graphite • Drawing • 26,8 × 17,8 cm • c1830 • The Morgan Library & Museum

Delacroix sought to capture the essence of the tiger, the way it moved, rather than offer a naturalistic description.


Ferdinand Victor Eugène Delacroix

One of the last old Masters of painting,
French Romantic
was born at Charenton-Saint-Maurice, in Île-de-France

April 26, 1798.

Check my tribute to this great painter here: Eugène Delacroix


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  1. Love that tiger!
    I’ll be back later to go to the link, and reblog on GLAM.
    I’m just working on Art Gowns for a bit! The Zombie post is coming along.
    I’m thinking of naming the place “Plutoland”.

  2. I love that tiger. I always thought of Delacroix’s paintings as classical with modern sensibilities.

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