a•t•a•h•d: art towards a happy day!

welcome to my art page!
A kind of introduction…

Painter and musician at heart [from a very early age] I was born in Athens, Greece in an artistic environment [bound to inherit the …virus!]. I studied art – design and music in London [UK] and Athens [Greece]. I currently work at my own design studio [ANMAR creative design center], in Athens, and explore new aspects of design. Attracted to a 3D approach to art, a few years years ago I begun a project MARWAX applying my design concepts on wax. In 2013 this project evolved to MARWORKS with a broader variety of design items. My work [painting / design] has appeared in Smith’s Gallery Covent Garden in London, Epohes Gallery & Benaki Museum in Athens and the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki. As a musician, I’ve had 2 solo albums released and 4 albums as a member of MK-O [Marina Kanavaki & Oannes – duet in music and life], with 4 albums out so far. Our site: www.mk-o.com

My blogging life started back in 2011 at first as an attempt to showcase my work. Through the years, it’s become a place I call my virtual home. A home where I have an open dialogue with so many of you people I call friends. I am truly grateful for your kindness. Through our interaction, I have evolved, so from me to you all good people: THANK YOU!
…and keep smiling. 🙂

Oh, and this is me punching one of my “Characters”! 😉


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All images on this blog [unless otherwise stated] are copyright © of Marina Artemis Kanavaki and cannot be copied, downloaded or used in any way without express written permission.

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  1. Liebe Marina heute ist der letzte Tag im November die Zeit sie eilt so schnell dahin heute ist der 1 Advent und möchte dir ganz liebe Grüße schicken bleib froh und heiter dann ist das Leben leichter das wünscht dir Klaus

  2. Kali mera! I wandered over here from Le Clown’s place, and I *love* your work. The piece on your home page, is that a watercolor? It’s so beautiful, the colors and the balance, I could look at it all day.

  3. Marina, thank you for stopping and liking a recent post. This is wonderful and exciting art. You bring your images to life with the colours used and the way it is presented. I look forward to filling my days with the cheer of your art.

    Take care,


  4. Good Morning Marina xxx
    i dunno if you are on twitter but just met a writer that needs help with a book cover
    her name is Nicole Storey …….
    I just messaged her your site – i dunno if you do illustrations for books =-
    but just reaching out
    Lots of love xoxoxo

  5. Marina, your artistry is stunning.

    I am interested in the connections between Zen and the artistic, creative process. I believe that true artistry requires being in the moment- and possessing great courage.

    I am happy to have found your amazing work and will be following.


  6. Hi Marina, I wanted you to know that you are the Artist of the Day on my blog:


    Please let me know if you would like me to add or change anything.

    The main purpose of the blog is to share the ‘Artistic Process’. What and where artists do what they do to create their art.

    I’d appreciate it if you would consider sending me some photos for my ‘Work Spaces’ and/or ‘Making It’ categories.

    Please send any photos to mfsmith46@gmail.com.

    And, of course, I’d like you to share this with anyone who might be interested.

    I have received messages like the following:
    Darcy commented on Artist of the Day / Sandy Martinez
    “Thanks for allowing us to know a bit more about the artist.”

    thanks, Mike

    • I am honored, Mike! Thank you so much for showing my work. Nothing needs changing, you’ve done a great job and I’m very grateful! About photos, I’d be more than happy to send you anything you want, so please let me know what would you like.

      • As I told John, I would like photos, and any description you would like to add, for my Making It and/or Work Spaces categories. It’s easier for you to check them out on my blog than for me to explain. I will post them as soon as I receive them.

        thanks, Mike

  7. Μαρινάκι μου,

    Δεν περίμενα τίποτα λιγότερο… τέλειο (!) από σένα!

    Να είσαι καλά και να μού φιλήσεις τον Ανακρέοντα και τη Ρίτα.

    Με όλη την αγάπη μου


    • Αγαπητέ μου Θαλή,
      η παρουσία σας εδώ με τιμά.
      Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ!
      Εχετε τα φιλιά τα δικά μου,
      του Ανακρέοντα και της Ρίτας
      [ελπίζω να τ’αντέχετε τόσα!]
      με αγάπη,

    • Thank you so much Kitty, I appreciate it! Yes, I have been nominated in the past but I do not accept awards. However I do thank you and am very grateful! All my best wishes to you too!

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