Months of Searching & Hundreds of Miles Walked

Moved, Eric and honored to have triggered such a unique and wonderful creation.

For my friends who are not yet familiar with this exceptionally talented photographer,

please visit his page.

Just go here:

and I guarantee you will be amazed by his inspiring work.

By the way, Eric, MY favorite photos too!!! 🙂

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  1. Will you be painting this? Reminds me of your watercolors! Just a beautiful hue!

  2. Marina, what a fantastic work … Eric does, beautiful blog .. and how wonderful of him to dedicate some of his work to your work, that is just amazing and its so well deserved. Haven’t been around for a while, but I will spend some time here with you now.

  3. What is a stunning photo!!! And i do see the resemblance to your brilliant ‘As Above So Below’ series! You must be so thrilled….congratulations! 🙂

  4. Eric, your photographs are moving, sensitive and skillful and I completely understand your being inspired by Marina, so many of us are. And thank you Marina for sharing Eric with us…lovely post..made my day…

    • I knew you would appreciate his work, John and I agree to all [moving, sensitive and skillful]. Thank you, my friend for those warm words and … I am flattered. You are TOO kind, but you made my day also! 🙂

  5. My dearest Marina, yes, ’tis been a long hiatus since I left my thoughts at your lovely domain, but, today I just had to. Congrats for the post !
    Eric is truly right — you have always been a brilliant artist and a paradigm for many of us who seek inspiration from your visual treat. I remember when I used to blog at BID, I would anxiously await for your paintings — how much I have missed that part and time, but, today I am leaving my thoughts to convey my heartiest congrats for such triumphant moments.

    Continue remaining such a breath of fresh air — you, my dear, shall reach the zenith of success – this is my wish for you — both as a painter and musician ! Miss you lots. xxxxxx
    Love, Shaheen

    • I am so happy to see you, my dear Shaheen!
      You’ve managed to make me blush – once again!!!
      Your page is missed, my kind friend, your thoughts, your talent and your presence! I hope you will soon decide to unfold all your talents again here at wp [or anywhere you wish]. You are also a paradigm, my dear!
      I hope you are doing well [I am following your work].
      I have to thank Eric for one more thing: for making you break your silence! I do hope you visit his blog. You will be amazed. His heart and soul live in his photos.
      🙂 xxxxxx: many of them [write when you can]

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