green by the sea

Days are getting warmer…

Green by the Sea


Green by the Sea l©MarinaKanavaki

detail 1

green by the sea det1 ©Marina Kanavaki

detail 2

green by the sea det2 ©Marina Kanavaki

detail 3

green by the sea det3 ©Marina Kanavaki

Technique: Watercolour

Original size: 17x17cm

from my watercolor series “Dreamscapes” *2014 © Marina Kanavaki


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  1. Wonderful clouds, and oh I am dreaming of some time by the ocean soon…. Although I do like my woods, nothing beats the waves to refresh your spirit… 🙂 Wishing you a beautiful weekend my dear Marina…Love and Light with dashes of Green thrown in 🙂 xxx


  2. When I first saw this beautiful work, I wanted to soar up into the mysterious green clouds. Then I wanted to float on the sea, and be soothed by its exquisite color. Finally, I wanted to wedge myself into the white crack that runs between sea and sky, and create a work called “Handsome Man Trapped Between Heaven And Earth.”

    Because if I’m going to spend my life in a dream, I want it to be one created by Marina Kanavaki… : )


    • My paint dribble-drabbles are dancing away merrily! I fear that they may eventually leave the paper from the joy of reading your comment!
      Handsome man is very welcome in [also my favorite] the quiet spot of emptiness, as I call it!
      Thank you, my dear friend.
      Have a beautiful Wednesday! 🙂


    • Funnily it’s the place that nothing seems to happen – empty and silent… I like that too! Thank you so much, my dear friend. Looking forward to your July issue as well as your summer art and ….the gluten-free cookbook!!!!!! 🙂


  3. Your paintings are always wonderful and this one is really nice too 🙂 I like how the colours merge and make a lovely scene, this one would look awesome on the wall in any room of the house 🙂

    Andro xxxx


  4. Hi Marina! Wow – what a cool painting! Minimalistic, and it flows so naturally. It is of the Earth and of the Sea – Great Job! 🙂


    • During summer I become partial to blue hues as well! Thank you so much, Lauren. You too enjoy the rest of Sunday [ours has said farewell nearly 3 hours ago!] and a beautiful new week! 🙂 xx


  5. Marina, there is something that is so soothing and relaxing within the spirit of your painting! I feel so much a part of the bliss my eyes see…it inspires a poem also…i feel like its essence invites my mind and heart in to meditate! Thanks for creating and sharing the blessing!

    “A Special Place” A Paintings Invite

    You invited my spirit into your world
    Offering a restful peace the sea brings
    Presenting my mind a place to meditate
    As the water’s waves began to sing

    My heart felt the magic which came alive
    As on the beach I found a place to rest
    And as moments began to pass by slowly
    Within my soul I felt I had been blessed

    For the beauty of the many colors I see
    Massage every living fiber of my soul
    And I find as my meditation begins to end
    This perfect place I want never to let go

    Because the peaceful place my heart found
    Will be a spiritual home where I can stay
    Whenever my mind needs to find true rest
    I know a special place where my head may lay

    Inspired by your painting Marina!
    Have a very lovely weekend my sister!


    • Oh, Wendell I am speechless! I am so honored and grateful for having inspired such a beautiful poem, my dear friend.
      I thank you from my heart for this…
      May you always find peace in your spiritual home [wherever that is!] as I do reading your word paintings!
      THANK YOU! 🙂
      A wonderful weekend to you too, my dear Wendell! 🙂


  6. Marina, I truly love you colors in all your work – you just get the calmness and softness in what ever combination you use. Magical work.


  7. The Blue is so beautiful and my all time favorite colour too 🙂 Green clouds to me are symbolic of the greening of the earth when it rains. Thank you dear Marina.
    Have a lovely day and cheers 🙂


  8. See – Salt & Sun… we’re coming! Lovely indeed… for us just a little more patience 😀
    Maybe I shall take with me my watercolours 😉
    But I’m miles far away from your talent… Kisses :-)c


  9. I see the green clouds, but to me your painting reminds me more of sand and sea! I like both interpretations though 🙂 Very nice 🙂


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