A foggy sunrise from the past…

or should I say …dusty sunrise!

A couple of months ago [end of April], under the spell of the African dust veil, the city woke up to this. A dark and foggy morning. Beautiful to the eyes, not so much to the lungs! […and cars*! 😉 ]

…lucky little fella, he can fly away!!!! 😉

The veil looked as spectacular at sundown too… still April, but not the same day. Shame I was walking when I saw it and didn’t have my camera with me, just my phone to record this. On a note, anyone seeing this thought it was the moon rising! Made me forget for awhile the discomfort of breathing in dust in a warm day.

Enjoy the …positive side! 😉

††*I mention cars because this has been a year that deciding when to wash the car can be challenging! 😉

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  1. The sun rays cracking through the clouds is amazing.
    As for the dust and chemicals in the air?

    Don’t worry…here in L.A. there’s a lot of factories that spread wilds dangerous chemicals in the air and sometimes spreads all over the city and houses. It smells from time to time.

  2. At the coast, we would get smoke from the Mexican crop burnings in the spring. Not sure about further North where we are. I disliked the smoke and haze. Your African dust is much worse.

  3. It does make for some beautiful photography! Interesting that you say you get it a lot more these days. We get it sometimes in the UK – not as thick – but it results in dusty cars and windows and spectacular sunrises and sunsets! I read somewhere that it is very fertile and so it’s good for the garden. Upsides and downsides 🙂 XX

    • Yes, it does bring beautiful skies [most of the times] however, this dust is not fertile [as Sahara isn’t] in fact it carries various microbes with it… 😱so I think the upside is mainly aesthetic! 😉 xoxoxo

  4. I sympathise with your breathing problems when it comes to sand in the air. I always carried a Shemagh when out and about, protection from the sun and also could cover head & mouth from blown sand.
    Looking at Europe weather this week, maybe a good investment.
    Lovely series of photos, bad weather does make good photography sometimes.

    • I know right?!!!!! You should know! Bad weather is perfect for photography!
      Although the temp dropped a bit yesterday, the winds are so strong I’m having difficulty keeping my plants on the balcony! 😱 One does not know what to wish for nowadays! 😉
      Have a lovely Wednesday, my friend! 🙂

  5. This is in Athens? Or…..where? Hope you wore one of those surgical masks. Nice photos, but protect yourself! All the best to you, Marina!

      • Yes, be careful. We get HORRIBLE smog air pollution each year from when the farmers in Malaysia and Indonesia slash and burn the fields and forests. The air becomes nearly unbreathable! Completely unhealthy.

  6. Enjoyed the Sun rays through the clouds Marina, We had a similar experience a few years ago with an orange red sky from dust from the desert, That was the day My camera saw two suns 😉
    Sending love and Hugs 🙂

    • So you know it’s a pleasant experience only to the eyes!!!! 😉 Strange thing [or maybe not so] is that this phenomenon occurs more and more often. I recall 20 years back having this once or twice a year, mainly in summer for one day! It was associated with Livas [or Simoom / SW wind] Now we get this Saharan dust even in winter and it lasts more days! It does play tricks with the cameras too! 😉 More love and hugs to you!!!! xoxoxoxo

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