Cecilia Lionheart & Wild Rose

Resa’s amazing talent knows no bounds. Her Art Gowns are exquisite and for great causes too! Holly [contributing with a wonderful poem] and I modeled for her beautiful drawings for “Cecilia Lionheart & Wild Rose”. Honored to be part of this beautiful collaboration!

Art Gowns

Cecilia Lionheart & Wild Rose are Art Gowns inspired by Mother Nature.

In a continued endeavour to draw all of the Art Gowns, I decided to team up these two gowns. They represent my thoughts & feelings on the beauty and horror existing in our world.

Holly – House of Heart models Wild Rose in the sketch. This is the second Art Gown, that Holly has modelled in a drawing.

She has honoured us with this poem, expressing the beauty of a Wild Rose. Click on the body of the poem, and visit her blog.

I wonder what will happen to Wild Roses and other flora & fauna, as Climate Change alters our planet?

Cecilia Lionheart expresses the horror, the evil of murdering beauty.

The post was a tribute to Cecil the Lion. Cecil was was a proud and handsome creature of earth. Protected, living in a national park, he…

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  1. Thank you for reblogging this, Marina! The Art Gowns want to help more. i can’t thank you and Holly enough for being my models, and contributing to our endeavour. Love to both of you!
    (I’d design a gown for Hera, but I’m not sure how that would work! :D)

    • Ahhhhhh….. funny you should say that, she stands here next to me, proud of seeing her mom in your beautiful drawing and says she wants to model for you also!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 Maybe a special tiara!!!! 😉 🤣😂
      Overjoyed with what you did, my friend and so happy coexisting with sweet talented Holly! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoo

  2. Wonderful contribution Marina loved that poster, so sad it had to be created… But lets hope Cecil’s passing brought huge awareness in these cowardly people who shoot and kill for trophies ..

    Much love your way my dear friend >3

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