Full Moon on Fire*

I wish I had a better title

with the word ‘fire’ missing.

I wish the moon, this majestic August Full Moon, would shine brightly…

without smoke clouds blackening its surface.

This is what the city looks like with the smoke veil above

for the second day now.

Full Moon rising

turning orange as it reaches the smoke cloud…

Sun set

smoke blanketing the city…

*Wildfires have been devouring beautiful forests in Greece, mainly Evia island for two days now… The smoke from the fires has blanketed the city …and our hearts.

Procol Harum: Fires

from their album “Grand Hotel”

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  1. Whoa! That moon is so brilliant and colorful and scintillating, it looks like it’s channeling a Kanavaki painting with an MK-O soundtrack!!– and that’s about as brilliant and colorful and scintillating as it gets!! 🎨🎶👍🏆 And I hope Mr. Zeus has summoned his raincloud army and put those fires out!! ☁️💦🔥☁️💦🔥☁️💦🔥☁️💦🔥☁️💦🔥… ☀️👏👏👏😊

  2. Awesome photography!

    Isn’t it aggravating to not be able to catch the story in a picture?

      • I try very hard… but I feel as though I don’t truly capture the story.. but I am also my worst critic.

          • Thank you, Marina! That really means a lot!

            I had a lot of my poetry on the blog but since there’s people who want to steal and such, I pulled a lot off….

  3. Wildfire, no 😦 I know them well here in Canada and they’re scary, I never remember this type of thing happening when I was younger. I think it’s environmentally related and not in a good way. I hope the fires end soon and that everyone stays safe. The photos are eerie and beautiful at the same time, dear Marina.

    • Yes, I have heard [and seen on the news] Canada wildfires… scary indeed but it’s nature’s flipside… but nature can’t be ‘tamed’ however she is beautiful, even at her fiercest. Thank you, my dear Christy. Wishing you a beautiful Thursday! 🙂 xoxo

  4. You have shown the beauty in an awful situation. I believe we both try to do that. There is so much “not nice” on earth, but there is beauty, too.
    It’s an ever present dichotomy. BIG FIRES seem to be part of climate change. Canada’s forests are afire, as well. An entire small city, set up north in the beauty of our wilderness, burned down a few years ago. I think many have not gone home, yet.

    Sending LOVE!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Woof!

    • Yes, we do indeed! Nature is like that…. All elements can equally be beneficial and destructive and eventhough we like to think we can control them [even partially], we’re actually powerless…
      Much much love to you and xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo……..
      woof – meow!

  5. Sorry to hear about the fires. Do you know how they started? As Sue Dreamwalker said, there has been nothing on the news here about it – almost as if they are becoming ‘normal’ 😦

    • As a joke I said to a friend that after Brexit, European countries are becoming obsolete to the British!! 😉 I told him that because there was no mention of the earthquake about a month ago either! Oh, well… Fires are common this time of year due to heat and strong August winds, but this was a big one… the smoke that blackened the city traveled a long way!

  6. This is the first I had heard of the forest fires in Greece Marina.. The media are not reporting such events.. All we mostly hear is Brexit and politics.. which is why I avoid the news..
    Beautiful images of the Moon, but sad to know of such fires.. So many habits lost etc..
    Sending love and well wishes my friend ❤

    • Habits (albeit a spelling error) are also lost along with habitats making us weary of where we stand all the time. Yes, I avoid the news myself. They’re anyway like watching a very bad action movie with suspense. Fires are common this time of year due to the heat combined with August winds (called meltemia in Greece). Bad combination! Much love to you, my sweet friend. ❤😘😘😊😘❤

      • Like wise with the news.. Trees are getting hit hard this summer, I heard only yesterday Russia had tremendous forest fires too… May we keep sending love into Mother Earth, ❤ Love and Blessings Marina and enjoy your weekend my friend ❤

  7. Beautiful photos again. Politics eventually affects our lives. You already used the title blood moon for the lunar eclipse. How bout moon on fire?

  8. I click like…not the fire, more and more it seems these fires are raging all across the planet, it does make nice photos but not much else, I’ve read that even if in the past the fires in Canada were ‘regenerating’ the forest, it isn’t the case anymore, they are too hot and the charred soil doesn’t provide for a full recovery. Hope things will improve, must be difficult for older peoples and the ones having respiratory problems. well on that, have a nice day Marina.

    • It is true… and as I photograph, I’ve always got the destruction in the back of my mind…. Once I witnessed a burning car in the middle of the city during some riots and although I was mesmerized my the image of the red flames, at the same time I felt shocked deeply, not just by the destruction of someones property but the fierceness of fire where one is left completely helpless… Also, the smoke above Athens may have made the atmosphere stifling, hard to breathe and bad for the eyes, but nothing even remotely close to what the people close to those fires must be living! Thank you, my friend. I think they are now more or less under control.
      You too have a nice day. 🙂

      • That’s something I have founded difficult photographying, sometimes there is beauty in bad things and trying to capture that, we do feel ‘voyeur’, can’t find the expression in English, we look but can’t do anything about it, of course there is also another meaning to voyeur..:) Well I have to go to work a little bit…on the news they are talking about these fires. Take care!

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