Waiting for …Red!

I’ve rarely been known to mention, let alone write a post about a tv series, however this one has really made an impression on us.
The series I’m referring to, is The Blacklist.
Other than the man himself, Red [short for Reddington: James Spader] who’s quite a character and his performance is impeccable [and then some!], all the cast has great chemistry between them.
But this is not some kind of review or tribute…
This is a combination of emotions triggered by it, which translated into a painting [say what you will! 😉 ] and a song I heard during a Blacklist episode that’s stuck with me since.

So, here is…


no, it’s not the Von Boch hat! 😉
Red © 2019 Marina Kanavaki
Technique: Acrylic and Watercolor

Red © 2019 Marina Kanavaki • Detail 1
Red © 2019 Marina Kanavaki • Detail 2
Red © 2019 Marina Kanavaki • Detail 3

This is the song:

Pilgrim by Fink

from Season 2 Episode 3 – end scene…

And this is my ‘dedication’ to mr. James Spader

Prologue by Gentle Giant

Season 7 premiers tonight [October 4]

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  1. A wonderful acrylic & watercolor painting 😍 Thanks for sharing, dear Marina ~ have a splendid day 😊🌹

    • I think you’d laugh a lot because as soon as I get paint on my hands I become a kid in a fantastic playground! 😉 Thank you so much, Colleen! …btw likewise!

  2. Hi Marina seeing your beautiful sketches makes me feel so good. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been away for long. I very much enjoyed watching quite a few episodes of The Blacklist in 2014 when in the US.
    I particularly would like to wish you good health and to be safe.
    With warm regards

  3. Marina!
    I haven’t seen the series, but I adore James Spader!
    I commented from GLAM, but I’m liking and commenting from Art Gowns now. Working on a new post.
    I love the painting, especially the thickness of the paint in the close ups… so gorgeous

  4. Always love your works. Artists get inspired so many ways – and who would have thought a TV show! Awesome intricacy in the white/black above the blue. 🙂

  5. Wonderful painting! You are so talented.
    Excellent music shares…
    And, I don’t know what happened. I watched the Blacklist faithfully till season 5 or 6 then I don’t know what happened. Maybe I need to go back 😉

  6. what a cool post!!!. The painting (in my mind) is filled with a passionate tension. Like waves crashing on the beach in slow motion. The buildup and the release. One of my favorites. Great song by Fink (never heard it before here). Always loved Gentle Giant but that’s what I get for being a child of the 70s. LOL . I haven’t heard of the Blacklist but it looks cool – I’ll definitely be checking it out. Thanks for sharing a post of wonderful moments.

    • Thank you, my friend. Your perception of the painting is exactly right and it’s also describing the character who albeit a rough character is at peace with who he is. If you do check it out, watch it from the beginning. David was the one who introduced Fink to me. Pilgrim was so fitting for the scene it appeared… Ah, and a child of the 80s too (mind you, married to a 70s one! ;-)) Such an amazing band, Gentle Giant…

  7. I like this progressive rock stuff of Gentle Giant. I am a great fan of complex music of all kinds, classical, jazz, and things like this. Thanks.

  8. I don’t know the show, but I adore your passion for it. RED is fabulous!
    The Fink song is very cool!

  9. Fabulous…old love and all. I too love the marriage of chunky with frailty which gives call to the importance of contrast that distinguishes without dividing the harmony you so well attain. Beautiful…!

  10. Love your paintings, Marina. The colours remind me of a dress I had when I was a teenager. I adored it. Haven’t watched this series, but on your recommendation, I’ll search for it and start at the beginning. It sounds intriguing.

  11. Perfect example of using acrylics (I know – you wouldn’t have used them otherwise 🙂). But I do love the almost 3D texture that a good exponent of the medium can obtain.
    As for Fink, my daughter introduced me to his music, he has some fantastic albums.
    Have you listed to ‘Fink Meets the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra’ excellent music.

    • Thank you, my friend! My first exhibition was mainly with acrylics and oils, so it’s an old love affair! I love the contrast between the chunky and intense acrylic and the frailty of watercolors. On Fink… so I have your daughter to thank!!!! It was from you that I first heard his music [Berlin Sunrise and Perfect Darkness] and got hooked on Honesty! 😉 So, when I watched this episode, as soon as I heard the first notes, I knew it was Fink! RCO and Fink was a beautiful project – excellent indeed! 🙂

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