World Animal Day 2

My Animal Day wouldn’t be complete without her:
click on the image and learn more about this day…


Don’t forget to give an extra hug to your special furries…


and remember:

Adopt Don’t Shop!


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  1. If. And I say IF, I ever decide to get another dog after my Zeke passes (please, not too soon), It will definitely be a rescue.

    • All my cats for my entire life have been alley finds… never even got to a shelter.
      My Jeep had been kicked out by the guy next door. Everyone said it was because she was plicking the couch. She was living in the alley, on his back door step.
      When I confronted him about it.. he said she ran away. I said yeah, ran away to your back door.

      Anyway, she was down to bone and fur, when she popped up at my kitchen window. I was opening a tin of food for Pupkin (another alley rescue, he lived 17 years). I ran outside with the tin, and said come here you. She flew into my arms, and is now 14. I love her so much.

      • If I should get another pet it will be a rescue animal. Bajeera was a rescue, my friend found her, can you imagine those beautiful green eyes wandering around begging for a bowl of milk. He’s such a darling cat, smart too. Now Tidey Man is a purebred that I bought at a store, I was watching him at the Mall pet store getting bigger and bigger in his cage until I went in and told the owner he was too big for his cage and he sold him to me for less than half the asking price. later I found out they were a puppy mill, I raised all kind of hell with them because he was sick when I got him and the vet said he was inbred to get the brown color (most Bostons are black and white). I absolutely stalked that pet store, reported them to everyone I could, they are closed now and I’m not sorry. Mixed breed dogs are usually healthier than the purebred dogs. Tide has had so many health problems as a result of being inbred.
        How can that guy next door put a house cat out just like that and have it mewing at the back porch, a heartless b*******! Hugs to Jeep.

      • Oh poor Jeepo!!!! …but so fortunate as he met you! When I say you have a heart of gold I mean it literally! Sending you and Jeep love, hugs and xoxoxoxoxo from Hera too! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. thanks for share this article world animal day is important in the life of animals.
    i am a veterinarian and better now about it . do you love animals?
    read my article on World animal day.
    World Animal Day

    • Thank you Amana, yes I do love animals and whenever possible I help too, either by my artwork, or sharing information or -as we always have done- adopt. I’ll be happy to check it out. ๐Ÿ˜€

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