Quiet elegance…

Just a peaceful image

and a video

with the sweet voice of birds

as the light breeze

caresses those tiny pinkish pomegranates*

for a Monday morning

* A bit of artistic license – they are obviously not pomegranates! 😉

Happy Monday!

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  1. Lovely to see this as the snow falls here. There is a quiet elegance to these fat snowflakes, falling so slowly, as well. It’s similar, in a creative way, to the wavering pomegranates.

  2. Thank you, Marina. Such a lovely way to begin the week.
    Hope you’re well and enjoying the anticipation of the festive holidays.
    I’m always struck by the way some have a negative feeling about this time of year.
    We all have something to be grateful for if we just look closely.
    Hugs to a joyful week … XOXOXO

    • Ah, yes we do indeed, my dear Isadora! We always have something to be grateful for! Although I am not a huge fan of holidays in general – mainly due to the consuming part and then the eating part [the season I gain a couple of kilos! 😉 ] however I’ve never had negative feelings… and enjoy a lot to see people genuinely celebrating!
      Thank you so much for your lovely words!
      Many hugs back and you too have a beautiful week!!!! xoxoxoxo

  3. We received some snow last night … and more to come later today into overnight. Oh boy … so this video takes me to a warmer time. Have a good week. Yamas!

    • Snow!!!!!!!! Although we did have a bit of cold a few days ago and rain, yesterday sun came out and it was so beautiful seeing those little flowers and hearing the bird song… You too! Yamas! 🙂

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