Sun King

Sometime, somewhere down my memory’s paths
I see this beautiful old wooden furniture
standing in the bedroom of my grandparents home by the sea.
Two round knobs,
one lights a screen and the other
makes this vertical line move left or right on numbers.
Under the screen there’s a handle.
I pull it and I see a stack of records.
I pick one randomly,
it writes:
The Beatles – Sun King
and put it on the turntable next to the stack.
It’s summer.
I am 7.
I am happy.



The Beatles

Sun King



Enjoy a beautiful Saturday

and New Moon!

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  1. I’ll be humming that song all afternoon – and don’t mind at all. Great tune.
    I love the vintage record players and the memory of being very small and being trusted to carefully place the needle into the groove on the spinning record. Now that was an accomplishment.
    Really nice poem!
    Thanks for all the smiles

    • Ah ha ha… not exactly ‘trusted’… they found out years later!!!! 😉 But machines and I had a mutual understanding from the very beginning. Probably because they produced music and anything musical fascinated (still does) me! 😉
      Thank you so much for your lovely words, and humming along (great tune indeed)…and lest we forget: LLP!!! 😉

  2. Such a nice old beast! Brings back memories of sitting (too close) to our old wooden console CRT TV as a very young child. There’s a certain fascination with vintage analog gear. If I were to give your grandparents’ player a name, I’d call it Zosimos! (who has actually an Egyptian but who used Greek terms) 🙂

    • Old beast .. ha ha…. though it’s not the actual one, it was the closest I could find. Although I’m not into old stuff, I certainly miss the analog sound and mainly the time we took to listen and not browse through. Zosimos, 🤣 sounds fitting! 😄

  3. Wonderful, M. Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be, is it? This reminds me of the TV my grandparents had when I was a child. It was built into a tallish wooden cabinet with doors that you had to open up to see the screen. Allowed you to tastefully hide it away when not in use, I guess.

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