Ghost Town…

Meantime, the city is beginning to feel like a ghost town and the ‘crown*’ isn’t that spread over here…yet!
I wonder what it’ll be like if the virus spreads!
As if we weren’t already absorbed by the virtual world.
As if our economies were thriving.
and last but not least

As if we didn’t have enough problems already!

Anyway, all you good people, wash your hands [till your skin cracks],
don’t touch your precious faces and
if you see someone coughing their heads off, avoid giving them a big hug!
Eventhough it’s milder than the flu, it spreads extremely easily and IS serious to people with health issues.
* yes, it’s about the COVID19

Ghost Town

The Specials

Be patient – Be careful – Be safe – Smile

This too shall pass!

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  1. I’m late to this party so I can tell you that all hell has since broken loose. I got back from my cruise early Tuesday morning (or really late Monday night). Did a small grocery on Tuesday (wish I had done a bigger one) and have since seen non-stop photos from friends taking pictures of empty shelves. Good friggen God already, people. If you are quarantined for two weeks, do you really need 32 rolls of toilet paper? Must you buy 25 packs of pasta? Can you not take just what you need and leave some for the others?
    I am still working (boss is short-staffed) and a couple of the cooks are staying away from me and pissed that I am even at work. Unless the boss tells me to stay home WITH pay, I am working. Sheesh.

    • I know right… it’s pure madness! At least over here they closed everything soon enough, and imho they should have done it all at the same time. First they closed schools and all parents took their kids out, then they shut playgrounds and people went to the cafes, so now they shut down everything [super markets and pharmacies excluded] and everyone rushed out to the super markets and pharmacies to stock up – like sardines[!], for pasta, can food and …toilet rolls [honestly, what is it with toilet rolls!!!!!]! At least, there are no shortages. So now they’re going to ban over a certain amount of people in those places at the same time and the current campaign is ‘I’m staying home”. Of course I realize that if they’d done that from the beginning they’d have had public criticism, but better that than the damn thing spreading. So yesterday was my first day home and I was busy cleaning up/washing etc On pay… gov decided to split the cost in 3 [gov / employer / employee]. Anyway, panic is a bad advisor and really, trying to stay home as much as possible is really the best thing to do right now. So, you take care and stay safe…. as I like to repeat: this too shall pass! 😉 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. It’s not so crazy here, yet.
    The near future is a bit nerve wracking. Off to buy loads of disinfecting cleaning supplies tomorrow.
    Just what I need, more housework.
    Speaking of Ghost town, they use an old Bollywood movie video edited into the opening credits. Here’s the full real deal! xxoxoxoxoxoxox

    • Ahhhhhh……….. i didn’t know that! Wow, look at those moves!!!!!!!!! 😀 Yes, better get that early on before they run out. Over here it’s already becoming hard to find. It’s beginning to look like however cautious, it’s hard avoiding a wide spread. Oh, well… this too shall pass! 😉❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤(stay safe)❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. My dear friend over here is mad-land. Borders closed… no, really not, since people go back and forth since there isn’t any control, We cannot make it without the help of the “borderers workers” since our sanitary system employed them (alike agriculture in California and the Mexicans). Many doctors, nurses a.s.o. work in Ticino, but lives in northern Italy.
    As I wrote to “Clanmother” there is something big at stake.
    For now, I hope you and Oannes and Era are fine….
    I wish I could see you again soon!
    Love and hugs :-)claudine

  4. Check out this BBC Article/Video – hope you can see that there is good work being done on the vaccine. “Inovio says if the initial human trials are a success, larger trials would follow, ideally in an outbreak setting in China “by the end of the year”.
    It is impossible to predict whether this outbreak is likely to have ended by then. But if Inovio’s timeline goes to plan, the company says it will be the quickest a new vaccine has ever been developed and tested in an outbreak situation.
    The last time a similar virus – Sars – emerged in 2002 – China was slow to let the world know what was happening. So by the time work on a vaccine started in earnest, the outbreak was almost over.” (And I know that there are labs all over the world that are working together to respond and overcome).

    • I guess “them” already have a vaccine… found even before the disease spread…
      It goes always like that. It’s about making money… and control the demographic system too.
      Marina is right: we have since always a lot of trouble to clear, a lot of concerns to get rid of…
      And with that SARSCov2 we are drawn away from the climate crisis, from the killing of billions of animals because of our being selfish and quite stupid. But stupidity is inside our DNA. See what’s happening in Italy right now.
      But let us be positive. Tomorrow is another day.
      Serenity :-)claudine

      • My dear Claudine, yes, already many renowned scientists have said that this virus is man-made, so it’s certain they already have a vaccine, but that’s a long conversation and yes, we must stay positive and not panic. Panic is more catastrophic than the disease. Tomorrow is another day – and today is a beautiful day. Sun is out. Much love to you and your beautiful family! 🙂 xoxoxo

    • Ah, yes, there is good work being done but I can’t help being suspicious of how much they already know…. More and more renowned scientists have stated that the structure of this virus in man-made, which means that if someone creates a virus, they have already created the vaccine for it. It’s not conspiracy theories… it’s part of tools governments use for biological war. Anyway, all we can do is be patient, not panic and take safety precautions for us AND the people round us. All in all, it’s a good opportunity for humanity to work as one. 😉 Have a lovely day, my dear friend. Many many hugs! xoxoxo

  5. This particular virus seems be spreading a pall over the whole world. I see people wearing masks and emptying shelves in supermarkets. 😳 I hope it goes on it’s ‘merry way’ as quickly as it arrived.

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