John Linnell [1792 – 1882]

Self Portrait
English landscape and portrait painter and engraver

John Linnell

was born,
June 16, 1792,
in Bloomsbury, London.

Linnell was a naturalist and a rival to John Constable. He had a taste for Northern European art of the Renaissance, particularly Albrecht Dürer. He also associated with William Blake, to whom he introduced Samuel Palmer and others of the Ancients.
Linnell has over 150 oil paintings in public ownership in the United Kingdom.
(From Wikipedia)

So here’s a glimpse of his work & [few] words
Harvest Home, Sunset: The Last Load []

“I then saw that elaborate drawing which is only to be acquired by drawing the naked figure was essential in everything – in trees and rocks as much as the figure itself”

In Dovedale
Landscape (‘The Windmill’) []
A Landscape in Snowdonia with a Tree in the Foreground
Harvest Moon []
Samuel Rogers []
Study of a Tree (‘Study from Nature’) []
The Man who Built the Pyramids (after William Blake) []
The Rest on the Flight into Egypt
Title not known []
The Sandpits []
The Prophet Balaam and the Angel
The Man Who Taught Blake Painting in his Dreams (after William Blake) []
Study from Nature: At Twickenham []
Mrs Phillips, Wife of the China Man, Oxford Street []
Leading a Barge []
Hanson Toot, View in Dovedale
Title not known []
Gravel pits of Kensington
Mrs Ann Hawkins []
At Under River near Sevenoaks []

“… I was incapable of forsaking my first love of poetical Landscapes which I lived to paint- the portraits I painted to live, yet I endeavoured to make portrait painting subservient to my chief object – by painting flesh and human expression I learnt to paint individual nature with more force and fidelity…”

Contemplation []

The music I’ve chosen is from a composer who was born the same year as Linnell with an aria from “Barbiere di Siviglia“, sung by Maria Callas
…what a performance!

Gioachino Rossini [1792 – 1868]

Una Voce Poco Fa

Barbiere di Siviglia

Maria Callas

For more information on Linnell:


Be Safe 🏡

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  1. I have never heard of him before, Marina, but he’s a fabulous artist and so is Maria with her gorgeous voice. Wonderful post! Hugs xoxo

  2. I love your art appreciation posts Marina not least because I am sadly ignorant (though I often visit art galleries when I can) Linnell’s name was almost unknown to me except I know him by some of the paintings – Dovedale one is well known (I’ve crossed that place on stepping stones). I was struck particularly though by his pencil drawings – the clarity and certainty of line. And isn’t that tree study so striking? But if could take one away with me it would be “At Under River near Sevenoaks”

    • So happy to hear you enjoyed his work, Laura. I wasn’t really familiar with his work either, so these posts are like little treasure hunts to me! 😉 That’s a lovely one you picked and I can wee why! xoxoxo

  3. Fab artist, who I never heard of before. Thank you!
    The music is amazing.
    I can see/hear why Maria is so celebrated.
    ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎
    ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎

    • Well, I hadn’t seen much of his work either so he was kinda new to me too! 😉😘
      Yes, she was an amazing performer!

      • ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎
        Hera would make great art! Maybe she could walk through some non-toxic water colours and then walk on a canvas?

        • Why not? I’ve seen an elephant and a horse paint, why not Hera too?!!!!!!

          • Her work could become FAMOUS!!!

            • Oh, well… of course!!!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  4. I agree, his skies are phenomenal! My favorites are The Windmill, Wheat, The Sand Pits, Gravel Pits, & Contemplation. And, associated with William Blake? What’s not to like? xoxoxo

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