Hangin’ with Boogapony & Jimi

Lost for words here. Holly presenting Resa’s talent as it unfolds admirably! What a treat! I can see Jimmy smiling! Thank you girls!

Art Gowns

High, Boogapony Holly here, and it’s a total freak out to be your host in this Art Gowns extravaganza tribute to the one and only Jimi Hendrix.

I’m not a gown kinda gal, but Resa promised to fusion Boogapony/Jimi/& Art Gowns. I’m thrilled with the results. Also, all my live performances have been cancelled, the Boogapony tour van need$ an overhaul, and I get to keep the gowns.

Did you know Jimi started out in the coffee houses of NYC? Yeah, the Folk scene evolved from the Beat scene. Here was Dylan amongst many, and Jimi did record some of Dylan’s songs.

Above is what I might have l looked like in an Art Gown…back in the early 60’s hip Coffee House days. So cool, right?

Dig this! Resa designed the costumes for a film about Hendrix. I mean he’s not just like this amazing guitar player, but his…

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  1. Thank you dear Marina! I need to know what your fave flower is? You see, one of the 2 Art Gowns for each model, in the Chicago Adventure, will be floral/or based on a flower!

    • Ahhhhh….. okay, so my favorite flower is…. wild flowers all hues of purple and blue and some orange and yellow. If that doesn’t help, then daffodils. 😉

      • LOL… Wildflowers…Holly picked those!
        So daffodils it is! You guys are made of a similar beauty!
        Love it!

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