Suspended in the Clouds

A borrowed title

for a cloudy sunrise

Sometimes watching those fluffies

I feel like floating on them

riding the air

…wouldn’t that be nice 😉

The borrowed title comes from

Ennio Morricone

Sospesi Tra Le Nuvole [Suspended In The Clouds]

from the film

Forza G [Winged Devils],

directed by

Duccio Tessari,


Maestro left us last summer

and was born on this day,

10 November 1928,

in Rome, Italy.

So here it is,

Suspended In The Clouds

[2 videos, just in case either one doesn’t work]

Wishing everyone

a beautiful Tuesday

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  1. Love the pictures of the clouds and your apt captions. Reminds me of a beautiful quote by Rabindranath Tagore ~ “Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky”! Always a joy visiting your blog Marina. Best wishes always.

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  2. I could listen to Forza G all day. It’s perfect for being among the clouds and lying on the fluffy puffs even among the ominous clouds. A quiet danger for absorbing strength. Odd, the way I felt seeing your great photographs and listening to the music. Yes, a quiet danger …
    Be Safe … Isadora 😎 💜 💜 💜

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  3. Ahhh, yes, to sleep on a cloud would be wonderful! Especially with that music in the BG.
    It’s pie making day here, so I’ll be sleeping on full stomach, instead.
    Damn this pandemic pie eating!

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  4. Great photos… reminds me of my imaginary mount Olympus when first reading the Greek myths, Plato, etc.. and the tune, well, that’s a new one for me! Love the Italian take on those sweet 70s themes… still permeating a lot of my stuff today. That’s the Italy I would have loved to have visited. 🍝🍦🍷😊

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    • With you, on the “Italy you’d have loved to have visited”.. mind you, I’ve never visited Italy, but my mind holds images of that era [Fellini – Antonioni, Taviani bros, Monicelli… just off the hat]
      Thank you for your kind words on my photos. It was a lovely morning. 😉

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      • Intersting, I had to look a few up! For me it’s the ambience… the 70s Euro ambience that we could feel even here… Not sure if it’s the same today! Rick Steves, etc… 🏖️🚁🪁🏄⛱️ Too many tourists spoil the broth (mixed metaphor) 👩‍🍳😊


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