Season 2 Episode 55: Resa McConaghy on Glamour, Fantasy and Art [reblog]

Two very dear friends having Tea & Toast [Tea, Toast and Trivia]:

Rebecca & Resa

It was such a joy listening to them!

Please visit and listen!

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  1. I enjoyed listening to Resa and her interview. Her creations have always been fascinating to me.
    I’m happy you shared this, Marina. It’s unusual to hear the voices of people you follow yet don’t know how they sound. Media is such a fabulous thing. I don’t like how I sound on audio but I suppose no one does. Have a beautifully peaceful week … Be Safe
    Isadora 😎 💜💜

    • I agree with you, it’s unusual and beautiful at the same time listening to friends voices. No one likes their own voice. I can tell you that even as a singer! 😉
      You too have a beautiful week ahead and a wonderful Sunday! Many hugs and

      • I’m enlightened. I didn’t realize that singers may question the sound of their voices. I think my voice is either too deep (when I’m serious) or too high (when I’m happy, silly and laughing)). I may need lessons in voice level control. LOLOL I think eventually everyone with a blog will start creating audio videos. Aahhh … progress.
        Yes, I will be relaxing outside while soaking up my Vitamin D. XOXOXO

  2. I had such a hard time finding this post in the reader but it’s just delightful. Rebecca is awesome and of course dear Resa is so amazing,I love listening to her and she is a beautiful compassionate and gifted lady. I hope to find the original post. ❤️

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