Moved by motion: Flight of a Leaf

A series of short videos, or, movements that …moved me.

A leaf sailing away…


Sea ripples and the traveling leaf…

…spreading its wings to unknown places

Then, friends came along…

Dancing away with the friends…

Look at me…

September beauty

A lovely Wednesday, everyone.

This series of posts is linked to Earth Nerve Net“.

Sometimes the eye captures an image, sometimes a movement and others a movement with sound. Most of these “Moved by Motion” posts are with sound on, essential for a fuller experience, hence, no [other] music to accompany them. I hope you enjoy.

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  1. How did I miss this one? Maybe because I have stopped using remote desktop and the color depth is greater — what it should be.

    Looks (and sounds) great! And what a day to post it on… 👀 👀🚣

    • Oh I’m so glad you enjoyed (phone shots). This leaf had me following it for quite some time! Sigh… I miss the sea…
      As for the date, would you believe that I realised what date it was after I posted it?! It’s what happens on the (rare unfortunately) occassions when someone’s present in the moment… in equilibrium! (rare indeed) 😉🔆

      • I understand, that happens to me. I think it’s a good thing. We shouldn’t be slaves to convention, even very serious convention. BTW, I’m going full-bore Linux and meant to post an “ear” instead of that second set of eyes. Let’s try again… 👂😇

  2. WOW! Marina, those are some gorgeous shots of a swimming leaf! What beauty. These are my fave leaf shots, ever. Happy autumn, dear friend!!
    LOVE the sound of the water. I bet it hypnotizes Hera!

  3. Wonderful photography Marina.. Some look like the leaf is an exotic bird in flight.. Fabulous and such clarity to those shots and loved the video..
    Its amazing just what fascinates us when we home in and see just how much beauty there is even in a dead leaf which still generates attention in its grace.. 🙂
    much love ❤

    • Awww, thank you, Sue! That leaf mesmerized me, combined with the sea… I just couldn’t take my eyes off, a leaf meditation! 😉 I also saw it as a bird in flight. So glad you enjoyed it! Much love and many hugs to you! 🙂 xoxoxoxo

  4. Wonderful post. Autumn is a gift between seasons because it offers us an extarvulgar transition in and from nature. The leaves of the vivid color trees will slowly fade and also gain new colors. In the waters. Are true fbos of art. I repeat: wonderful.

    • Oh my….. thank you so much for your wonderful words. How beautifully said. Yes, Autumn is truly a gift and leaves with an explosion of color just before the quiet harsh white… Enjoy the season! 🙂

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