Earth Nerve Net pt1

I’ve always found earth patterns fascinating.
Sometimes random, other times symmetrical, other abstract…
On one of my walks at Filothei Hill, I noticed the beautiful nerve nets on rocks.

A web of veins beautifully carved by nature’s hand.

…accompanied by

Brian Eno: Web

from his album Nerve Net

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  1. I love these organic patterns! You have a true eye for beauty, Marina!
    Sending hugs and kisses from me to you and Hera, and meows and purrs from Jeep and Johnny. Johnny is hiding in the closet.

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    • Seen as Jeepo has been getting all the attention and hugs, Hera and I send extra love and kisses to Johnny… for when he gets out of the closet! 😉 Thank you! 🙂 Nature works wonders!!!!! 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


  2. Oh the artist’s eyes knows how to spot wonderful natural designs. I like them too – and who knows, maybe this design will inspire a new creation. … and Brian Eno and the video are perfect to accompany your thoughts. Yamas!

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