Moved by motion: Hera by the Sea

A series of short videos, or, movements that …moved me.

International Dog Day* today!

This place would not be complete without the presence of Hera, so…

Hera …On The Rocks, by the Sea!

press play…
press play
press play

Hera, napping…
Hera, the bodyguard!

Happy Monday and week ahead!

This series of posts is linked to Earth Nerve Net“.

Sometimes the eye captures an image, sometimes a movement and others a movement with sound. Most of these “Moved by Motion” posts are with sound on, essential for a fuller experience, hence, no [other] music to accompany them. I hope you enjoy.

*Thank you Rebecca for reminding me!!!!!!!

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  1. Well, now that I’m an old man, my skin is very sensitive. The slightest flea and I go into a fit of itching. So I dunno. What young people here today are doing is adopting street dogs from Mexico. It’s a real thing in these parts. Good for them, good for the strays. ☺

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  2. One of your best posts!!! I love the sea sounds, and I adore Hera. She is amazingly photogenic!
    I’m so happy you rescued her!
    I’ve got all 3 sound bites playing at once. Fabulous!

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