Memphis Slim & Willie Dixon : Pigalle Love [Aux Trois Mailletz – Jazz in Paris, 1966] [reblog]

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Ο Memphis Slim είναι ο αγαπημένος μου blues πιανίστας. Ο Willie Diχon είναι …το blues, κατά δική του δήλωση, 100% πιστοποιημένη.
Τους ακούμε ηχογραφημένους στο club Trois Mailletz του Παρισιού, σε ένα τραγούδι του πρώτου.

Memphis Slim is my favorite blues pianist. Willie Dixon is …the blues. according to his own statement, 100% certified.
We hear them recorded live, in the Parisian club Trois Mailletz, on a MS song.


❝ I met a girl in Paris, France
It was at a rockin’ Pigalle dance
I wanna tell you, that’s were I found
Pigalle Love, Pigalle Love
While she was dancin’ so close to me
I call her Darlin’, she says Cherri
Two hearts together, forever bound
Pigalle Love, Pigalle Love
But then one day, one cold grey day
I had to tell my Baby good bye
That no way to forget her kisses
No matter how I try
I’m over here, she’s over there
Leave me, I’m suffering
To get my gal
So I can go back, go back where I found
Pigalle Love, Pigalle Love
So I can go back, back where I found
Pigalle Love❞



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