Jean-Antoine Watteau “The Perfect Accord”

The Perfect Accord [L’Accord Parfait]

Oil on panel • Rococo • 33 x 27,9 cm • 1719 • Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Self Portrait

Jean-Antoine Watteau

French painter of the Rococo era
was born in the Flemish town of Valenciennes which had recently passed from the Spanish Netherlands to France.

October 10, 1684

His style: Rococo

Check my tribute to this master painter here: Jean-Antoine Watteau



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  1. There is a strong sense of community and friendship that comes through that painting. He accomplished so much in his short life. Tuberculous was a terrible disease. I understand that even at the end he was clutching a paint brush and painting imaginary painting in the air. A wonderful tribute, Marina!

  2. While I’d heard of Watteau, I knew almost nothing about him. Your comment in your earlier post about his short life sent me to Wikipedia, where I found that he “spent his last few months on the estate of his patron, Abbé Haranger, where he died in 1721, perhaps from tuberculous laryngitis, at the age of 36. The Abbé said Watteau was semi-conscious and mute during his final days, clutching a paint brush and painting imaginary paintings in the air.”

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