Francis Bacon “Study from the human body”

Study from the human body

Oil on canvas • Expressionism • 147,2 × 130,6cm • 1949 • National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Self Portrait of Bacon

Francis Bacon

Irish-born English figurative painter
was born in 63 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin, Ireland

October 28, 1909

His style: Expressionism, surrealism

Check my tribute to this painter here: Francis Bacon


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  1. I think I am the oddity among your friends and followers who actually finds Bacon’s works amazing and I rate him in my top ten favourite artists. I would happily have his works hanging on my wall. But then, I used to have many posters from Pink Floyd – The Wall on my walls and I find Scarfe’s illustrations reminiscent of Bacon in many ways. I’ve enjoyed both artists for more than thirty years. Bacon is disturbing, but I find that exciting and, strangely, rather beautiful.

  2. The portrait of the human body is exquisite, Marina, but the self portrait is interesting, to say the least. 🙂 Makes me wonder about the back story behind the art..hugs, dear friend. xoxo

  3. I think Francis Bacon was a very tormented soul, and the nightmares that possessed him, are shown in his paintings. I know about the haunted, and living with ultra-real nightmares, and so I can relate to his works, even though I’m not a big fan. He was probably influenced by Edvard Munch, who also seemed tormented.

  4. Now that I’ve reviewed the post, I definitely recall it.
    Bacon is unique, and talented.
    However, I can’t see his work in my home. He was being radical, and I get it. It’s definitely for a museum/gallery.

    Side note: there’s an amazing street artist whose work I’ve been following and admiring for years.
    He calls himself “Bacon”. Hmmm?

  5. I am fascinated by Francis Bacon’s thought process which was somewhat bleak. He lived a big life, a bon vivant who spent his middle agreeing eating, drinking and gambling in London’s Soho. I am also interested in this friendship and then non friendship with his friend, Lucian Freud. I really enjoy these posts, Marina!!

  6. I can’t say I “enjoy” FB’s work but his approach and certainly the results make the viewer ask questions of themselves. Fascinating!

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