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  1. BOO!
    One last attempt to frighten!
    Even more frightening, we don’t get our hour back until November 7!
    ( hope the package gets there end of the week! It’s only been 6 working days since I mailed it.)

    • Woooo….. !!!!
      Well, you have something to look forward to! Just 5 days!!!
      On the package I wouldn’t be surprised if it took a month to reach. Post offices suck nowadays! (Scuse my language but whenever we order something we do it a month and a half earlier knowing the time it may take to reach us!)❤🌻😘🌟💖💕🎶🧡🤗☀️❤🤗🧡😘🌻🌟💖💕🎶

  2. It’s a “Pittie” we’re done with week 39. No “Bull” about it. With logos, doggies, reports and typewriters in manual, the last chance dangled before the paper shredded and the ending was eaten.

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