Paul Klee “Miraculous Landing”

Miraculous Landing [or the “112!”]

Watercolor on paper • Expressionism • 31,1 × 38,1 cm • 1920 • Modern and Contemporary Art [The Berggruen Klee Collection, 1984]

In 1918, Klee evoked the following image in his diary: “The storm on the wheat field was captivating; I’ll paint a ship sailing on waves of rye.” Klee never painted that picture, but this one seems just as miraculous. A boat of the type of Noah’s Ark—the “112”—is moored to a boathouse. The face of the girl in the left window is expressionless; her eyes are closed. Perhaps this “miraculous landing” exists only in her imagination. [source: The Met]

Self Portrait of Klee

Paul Klee

Swiss-born German artist
was born in Münchenbuchsee, Switzerland

December 18, 1879

His styles: Expressionism, Cubism, Futurism, Surrealism, and Abstraction

Check my tribute to this great artist here: Paul Klee


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  1. I LOVE Paul Klee, Marina! A beautiful tribute. I have his quote close by: “Art does not reproduce what we see; rather it makes us see.” Many thanks for opening my eyes to art and beauty. It is an honour to know that we are entering 2022 together!

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