anmar news • week #58

58 weeks since the launch of my design site, anmar* .

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No comment… #50

Paraphernalia 27 • Παραφερνάλια 27

GreenTech Challenge 2021 • media banners

World Beat 2002 • album cover

Advert • Real World • Καταχώρηση

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*ANMAR creative design center came to life in 1994 and it’s the brain child of my father [Anakreon Kanavakis] and me.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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  1. Week 58 oh, it was great. Made it fine to be online. A logo, album cover, a leaflet, Ulf & Lefki. At GreenTech Challenge, they saved a gallon. It was such a fine date. An artificial heart. Now we’re ready for a restart. Life rebooted now we’re suited to live with less strife. Hit in the head with Latin, now we’re seeing stars. Cut it off with scissors. It’s making life bizarre.

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