Happy May [2022]!

Water Chalk No5 © Marina Kanavaki

Technique: watercolour & chalk pastels Dimensions: 13x21cm [unframed]


Playing with chalk pastels and watercolors for May [5]

with the months colors

[White-Yellow, Red & Green]


…and selected details as a journey within! 😉


Happy May everyone!


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  1. was so busy with my garden and on a blog break that I missed your May post – at first sight an unexpectedly striking colour composition with that red and orange but only for this far North where we do muted! As to that first comment – perhaps you have a touch of synaestheisa. Also read this and though you might be interested – sorry for long quote!
    “Greek speakers who have two fundamental colour terms to describe light and dark blue – “ghalazio” and “ble” – are more prone to see these two colours as more similar after living for long periods of time in the UK – where these two colours are described in English by the same fundamental colour term: blue.

    This is because after long term everyday exposure to an English speaking environment, the brain of native Greek speakers starts interpreting the colours “ghalazio” and “ble” as part of the same colour category.”
    p.s. have just read your cv on Anmar – knew you were talented but never fully appreciated how accomplished you are!

    • So happy you made it here! I didn’t know that information. I’m trying to bring back my London years memories… I recently learned that the colour blue wasn’t actually used in ancient greek literature. Homer would describe the sea as wine-dark. It seems that at the time only ancient Egyptians saw blue!
      Thank you for such a beautiful and insightful comment and ah…. I’m far from accomplished. 😉 Many hugs your way. 🌷

    • Hmm… you’ve got a point and I actually have no answer. I just took it for granted [even if I don’t agree, most of the times with the hues] – just like gemstones and flowers. Though flowers are easily explained, the rest, I don’t know. you got me wondering now! 😉

  2. A combination of soft and hard in these paintings, Marina. It’s like the world has created a toughness to cover our softness for personal peace. Strong passions Vu in every one. Hope you are staying safe and feeling healthy.
    Isadora 🙏😍😊🌺

  3. ▫ H A P P Y ▫ M A Y ▫ M A R I N A ▫

    liking that almost enso-like sweep at the bottom of the figure



  4. A++++++
    Love your style and technique.
    You are so amazingly talented!
    It’s an honour to be your friend.
    HAPPY MAY!!!!!

    • Honour is mine, dahling!!!!!!!
      You are the sweetest and your words mean the world!
      Huge huge hugs
      and well….
      slobbery kisses too!!!!!!!!
      I hope you were prepared!

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