6 Hera years!

…or else: Hera’s 6th “Gotcha Day”!

6 years ago, this day, we adopted the Queen & thief of our hearts:


…but it’s her day so:

Hi all,

this is the time of the year when I take over mom’s page!

I’m afraid the hat was unavoidable this year too [what is it with humans?!]

I did however get a yummy birthday cake which I can’t show because uhm…I ate it all before she could take a picture of it! I’m too fast for her!

I also got a stuffed toy [I heard her say something about an elephant …whatever!] which I of course investigated in depth and even discovered it squeaks!

Good choice, mom!

A lot of excitement, so I’m taking a rest, before I can welcome all of you, my good friends to the party later on.

Treats & toys for everyone!


The fairy godmother who brought Hera to our home was Giota Brakoumatsou [Γιώτα Μπρακουκάτσου photo] from Pitbull Rescue.gr. Goes without saying, we are forever grateful to her and she has our undivided love! ❤️


To anyone who’s thinking of bringing a dog into their family, please adopt! Shelters all over the world are full of beautiful doggies [or cats] who need a forever home and wait for the right family to give them their FULL and UNCONDITIONAL love! In other words:

Adopt Don’t Shop!

Since Sir Paul is also celebrating his birthday today, here’s a song mom picked dedicated to me!

Happy Birthday to you too, Sir Paul! 🐾


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  1. 🐾🐾🐾🥳🐶🎉🐶🎈🐶🎊🐶🎁🐶🎀🐶🥂🐾🐾🐾



  2. Happy 6th Gotcha Day, Hera! You are a beautiful girl and lucky to have such wonderful, loving parents. Enjoy all the treats and that fun elephant, too! Copper sends kisses and so do I! ❤️🎉🎂🐶🐾🐘

  3. Happy Birthday Hera! 🎉🎁❤️🎉

    How is it you don’t seem to age?
    …and you’re so cute?

    I guess you’re the perfect doggie.


    • If course I’m the perfect doggy! I’m Queen Hera! (Between you and me… I don’t want them to know I control them!!! 😉🤣)
      Tail wags, kisses (yep get those sponges out!) and LOVE!!!!!!
      I’m expecting all of you at my party!!!!

  4. Adorable….. Happy Birthday Hera!,,,,, You lucky girl for having such wonderful adoptive parents..
    Love and Hugs not forgetting Woofffffsssss… 😘✨🎈🍰🎂🎁💜

  5. She does look fine and happy, even with the hat, maybe not…:D but she got a toy and love, so I guess she’s doing al right

  6. Happy Birthday Hera! You look so adorable in your hat and playing with your elephant. You look totally outrages on your back legs going all directions. Sweet photo of you and your mama.

    • Awww… thank you Tim! I’m having so much fun today [minus the hat …but treats and elephant make up for it!]
      That photo is of my fairy godmother! She introduced me to mom and dad. She is an angel trying to find homes for pitbulls like me who were …unwanted.
      Sending paw waves to all kitties who are of course invited to my party! Woof!

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