…where my sun rises


July 19,


where my sun rises

Hoping the Sun won’t change its mind…

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  1. Oh Marina!
    The poor animals.
    It’s so wrong that humans have created the conditions for all to suffer.

    I wish I could save the animals.

    Is Athens okay?

  2. Yes lots of fires with the heat.. as everywhere is tinder dry… Dramatic photos of your beloved spot where the Sun rises Marina..
    We too had a farm fire near to us around 7 miles away that spread… Worrying as we live so near Sherwood Forest… I always feel so sad for wildlife who cannot get out of the way quickly…

    Lets hope these fires do not become more frequent and people act responsibly when out and about.

    Thankfully much cooler after our three days of heat.. and drizzle rain here today… Thank you for sharing Marina.. Much love my friend ❤

    • Happy to hear your heatwave is over. We’re expecting ours tomorrow… but at least some winds will be blowing to cool us down. It is summer after all.
      That fire was out soon enough, however more fires are burning elsewhere in Greece. The pros know exactly when to start them… 😡
      It’s the wildlife I always think of too.
      Sherwood Forest!!!… how fortunate! I think that forest is eternally protected! 😉
      Sending many hugs and love.

  3. This fire season many live with now is horrible and so scary, Marina. I’m glad to read you are safe! We’ve only seen small fires reported on the news. We still have to get through the season of fall which is when it began in CA in 2017, October 8th, horrible that I remember. And I used to love autumn and still do, but unfortunately, fear has wormed its way in because of this new normal. Beautiful last photo, too. Stay safe, my friend. ❤️❤️❤️

    • That is so sad to hear. Autumn is also my favorite season.
      Unfortunately our fires are arson, either accidental or intentional [mainly the latter]. That last photo was taken on another day.
      Thank you, my dear Lauren. Lets hope for peaceful forests.
      You too, my friend!
      Love and many hugs xoxoxoxoxoxo 💖

      • That’s awful, too, that your fires are mainly arson! And I wondered if your last photo was from a different day. Yes, let’s hope for peaceful forests. We’re backpacking again next month and in Sept. if fires don’t intercept. Fingers crossed. Hugs and love to you again! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    • Thank you, my dear Christy. They are out, fortunately. Ours -like this one too- are usually arson. Disgusting but true. …Very scary indeed.

    • Oh, Rebecca, I love how your imagination envisaged the scene…. if only t’was so.
      At least it’s all out now and tomorrow my sun shall rise again.
      Many hugs your way!!!!

  4. Compelling photoreportage, Marina… but what a terrible event.



  5. I was looking at the pics (beautiful danger) and thinking sun? That doesn’t look like clouds and sun, that looks like smoke and fire! Then realised they look like what they are. Man.. I read through the comments that these fires are set? What the hell is wrong with people?
    Stay safe, my friend.

    • Exactly….. what’s wrong with them!!!! Every year – every single year… Last year was Mt. Parnitha [my sunsets mountain] and this year Pendeli [my sunrises mountain, the mountain Gandalf greets every morning and where I got the alien antennas from]. There are 3 kinds of arson: property – wind turbines [for and from, if you get my point] and political destabilizers. I wish for the worst for whoever decides the fates of people, animals and vegetation.
      We’re safe [it may only be 10km away but it’s hard for a fire to live long in concrete.]

  6. It’s a terrifying sight Marina with wildfires raging across the world. Your phots are excellent and bring to mind what was once beautiful is now a reminder of the danger our blue planet is in. Thank you darling Marina. xoxoxo

    • Thank you, my friend. We are safe, eventhough it’s only about 10km away. Unfortunately, a few people were left homeless and innumerable animals perished helpless.

  7. Fiery skies, beautiful but scary at the same times, seems it has become a regular event with the climate crisis, not much going on here in Quebec this year but many parts of Canada have still intense fires, British Columbia and a Lytton, a town that was almost destroyed last year are still in it this year, not very encouraging…

    • Lytton… again?!!!!
      Even though I love fire, I can no longer find beauty it this kind of sight. People are able to survive it but wildlife rarely can…
      Fingers crossed it stays that way over there!

      • Let’s hope so, I have heard that they redesigned part of the town to make it less exposed to fires, hopefully it will work, I guess we will have to learn to live with those ‘new situations’….

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