Happy September [2022]!

Water Chalk No9 © Marina Kanavaki

Technique: watercolour & chalk pastels Dimensions: 13x21cm [unframed]


Playing with chalk pastels and watercolors for September [9]

with the months colors

[Deep Blue & Brown]


…and selected details as a journey within! 😉


Happy September everyone!


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    • Very hard indeed!
      I actually don’t know. I took it as a project without questioning the origins, to be honest. A kind of exercise. Many of those color combinations I would rarely use. 😉

  1. Lovely sketches, Marina, and September is always good because it’s our daughter’s birthday today. She was born the day after Labor Day so it was perfect timing. 🙂 Happy September, my friend! 💙🍁💙🍁💙

  2. Happy Sept Marina… Love your simple yet elegant number Nine is quite a magical number.. Just looked up a meaning .. As I know its powerful.. So smiled when I found this in the first line of the search engine..
    “The energy of the number 9 represents completion, but not finality. Think of it more in a cyclical sense; it’s about the ending of one cycle and the potential it creates for another cycle to begin. The 9 in Numerology acts as an usher in this process of transition or transformation, guiding and empowering us with its wisdom.”,,, I will say AMEN to that.. for we are more than ready.. ❤

    Much love dearest Marina… Have a wonderful weekend and Sept.. ❤

  3. I love the complimentary colours and the way the diagonal line disguises the figure and contrasts with it – I also imagined turning the whole sideways or upside down but maybe that’s because I’ve been looking at Kandinsky and venturing further as viewer into abstract art – a long winded way of saying Happy September, Marina

  4. HappySeptember, dahling!

    It’s still 01/09/22 where I live.
    Whew, made it! 😘

  5. nicely done! happy IX, M.


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