A haiku from Haiku Andy!

Back in 2013, I received my very first haiku postcard, sent by Haiku Andy.

In 2014, I received my second haiku postcard.

Yesterday I had the joy of receiving another one!

Haiku Andy creates a haiku each day and mails it to an address he picks randomly from his hat of friends.

As he states in the back of each postcard:

Every day, I write a haiku and publish it via social media.
Every day, I physically inscribe that same haiku on a single postcard and mail it to someone in the world.
Today, that someone is you.

So, here is ‘my’ third haiku!

Enjoy this haiku and please do visit his blog for more, here

haiku 20220822

weekend getaway
we pretend no to notice
the gnats

Thank you, my friend!

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    • Oh, I couldn’t agree more, my dearest Sue! As for the gnats… unfortunately the little vampire insects are still thriving! 😱🦟
      Much love to you and a wonderful weekend ahead!

  1. No gnats to notice
    when you get out and away
    on a no gnat day

    I lover that Haiku postcard from Haiku Andy.

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