The Amboy Dukes : Journey To The Center Of Your Mind [1968] [reblog]

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Δύο τραγούδια από το δεύτερο άλμπουμ της ιστορικής μπάντας του Ted Nugent, Journey To The Center Of Your Mind, αρκετά εντυπωσιακά, ιδίως αν σκεφτεί κανείς τη χρονιά της ηχογράφησής τους – το χαρντ ροκ είναι εδώ δίπλα στην ψυχεδέλεια, χώρια τις πανκ νύξεις στο δεύτερο απ΄αυτά.

Two songs from the historic Ted Nugent’s band second album, Journey To The Center Of Your Mind, quite impressive especially considering the year of their recording – hard rock is here next to psychedelia, not to mention the hints of punk on the second one.


00:00 Missionary Mary 02:34 Surrender To Your Kings


❝ Missionary Mary don’t you go
reap your seeds and let us sow
This new land with happiness
dwelling in your mist.
Mary do you want and come
and sit with me and watch the sun go down?
Mary wanna? Yes, I wanna
sit with you and feel the touch of sound.
Mary will you come with me
and help to help others to see the way?
Mary Will, Indeed I will
I’ll change their darkest night to brightest day ❞

❝ You surrender to your king
Accepting all his worldly things
‘Til you find out too late, he’s used you for bait
The bluebird continues to sing, oh ho
As a child you searched to find
Someone to stand behind
But the harder you look, the bigger the crook
Tries to overpower your mind, oh ho
I know why
My self is hard to see
I’m sure there’s more around
Who feel the same as me
Now never turn your back
On a friend who gave you love
If the time came on a cliff
He’d be the first to shove
You surrеnder to your kings
Accepting all his worldly things
‘Til you find out too late, hе’s used you for bait
The bluebird continues to sing, oh ho
With tears in your eyes
You cry in sorrow
Don’t wanna go, I know
You’ll die tomorrow ❞


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