Listen to my song

I sing
for you

to my song

His sweet song went on for quite some time.

ps not one shot is focused! Could be that I was listening more than looking!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. Wow, he is a great vocalist, Marina, and I love those shots with his little beak wide open for the whole world to hear. Wonderful! And I’m behind on reading, so Happy Thursday, dear friend! Love and hugs to you! ❤️🎶🐦‍⬛

  2. Lovely images. and Nothing sweeter than a blackbird and his song… We have a regular pair now two pairs who nest in our shrubs… And love their Songs.. ❤ xx Thank you for sharing… and Listening is far more important LOL thank looking xx ❤ 🙂

  3. The Blackbird is one of my favourite birds and they are singing here as yours but with a different accent! 🤗😉🙋‍♂️

  4. I heard the melody’s all the way from my side of the world. The songs of birds remind me of the beauty and complexity of the natural world around us. Even in a city, I hear the morning chorus which gladdens the heart.

  5. He’s quite a singer. I like how you brought the handsome crooner into focus. That’s a great birdie version of “Come Fly With Me!”

  6. Beautiful, in focus and out!

    It’s a sweet song, to be sure! What kind of bird is it?
    Happy Tuesday, dahling you, and dahling Hera!


    • Isn’t he sweet?!
      He’s a black bird [Kotsifas, in greek] and they come out during or just after the sunset singing.
      Love and many kisses from both of us!
      Swim suit unavoidable! 😉

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