I don’t want to know… / Δεν θέλω να ξέρω… [Never & Nothing, 2004]

“I don’t want to know…” is a song from my first solo album “Never & Nothing” [Pote & Tipota]
with poems by Elias Petropoulos

This one is not actually a poem. It’s a paragraph I took from an interview he gave about his book of poems. This is why it’s the first song of the album, as an introduction. I wanted to have his voice reading it and he was kind enough to read it on my answering machine.

Never & Nothing was first released by Virgin/EMI, in 2000
and later rearranged and produced with Oannes, re-released in 2004, where this version is from.
It was our first collaboration before forming … MK-O!

…with my very sincere apologies to Elias [who is no longer living thus unable to scold me] here is a translation of his words.

I don’t want to know… / Δεν θέλω να ξέρω…

I don’t want to know whether these little poems published here and good or bad. However I understand that some are annoying and some awful. I do not apologize to the reader. Serves them right for reading them.

• Composed, arranged & performed by Marina Kanavaki

• Poems: Elias Petropoulos

• Rearranged and produced by Marina Kanavaki and Oannes

my intro for the album:

The Poems
of Elias Petropoulos
under this
negative title
gave me
the most positive motivation
for a direct game
of sounds and speech
in a music

Τα Ποιήματα
του Ηλία Πετρόπουλου
κάτω απ’αυτόν
τον αρνητικό τίτλο
μου έδωσαν
το πιο θετικό κίνητρο
για ένα άμεσο παιχνίδι
ήχων και λόγου
σε μουσική

with Elias • Paris, 1990
As I wrote then in my introduction:

I am grateful to the poet

Forever and for Everything

Happy Monday, everyone!

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  1. Marina dahling,
    You sound like the wind on the most beautiful day.
    A magic time.
    I love this.
    Happy Thursday!

    • Awwww… “the wind on the most beautiful day…” what a wonderful thing to say, dahling! Do you know I love leaving just a splinter open window so that I can hear the wind whistling? I can hear this for hours!!!!! So you know how dear your words are to me!
      Thank you, dahling!
      Happy Friday! [days just keep rushing off!]
      Love and a huge hug!

  2. Nice. The last bit reminds me of the vocals from The Last Kingdom. If anyone wants to make a doc or another film about the Trojan Wars, make sure you let them know what you can do! 😄

    • I had to go listen [obviously haven’t seen the film!]… she’s got a beautiful voice! I’m not too fond of my voice actually. I like to use it like an instrument. I know it IS an instrument but I mean literally… not with a vocal line but more part of an orchestration. So I’m not that interested to make it sound nice. 😉 …if that makes any sense! 🤣
      So glad you enjoyed it! 🙏

      • Yeah, I think I get it. I did some similar stuff back in my 4-track analog days with an Ibanez rack digital delay. Mine seemed sorta Indian-Iranian and very sorrowful/tragic but ultimately with a positive message for a troubled soul to live their life, make the right choices etc. I find that recording with analog was much better because there was no latency. Anyhow… you’re probably picking up some ancient echoes too (?) 🙂⏳🙂

        • Ah, yes… the latency! I really miss the directness and simplicity of analog recording.
          Sounds very interesting! You’ve got that recording?
          Ancient echoes?! Well, go figure what runs in our veins and cells! 🤣

          • Ha ha. I myself think it could be more than just veins and cells but not many would agree with me. I try to keep as much analog gear in the home as possible. I still prefer it most of the time! People using wireless headphones for instance… do they consider the radiation so close to their brain??? 🤔👀🧠🤓

  3. Loved the contrast of the deep echo recording voice of Elias, to your beautiful voice Marina…. Thank you for your interpretation… And Loved the photos … LOVED the whole composition.. ❤ ❤ ❤ xx

    • Thank you, my dearest Sue. So happy you liked it! It was so kind of him to let me record him over the phone, reading that excerpt from the interview.
      Love and many hugs!

          • I know…. I still remember the Millennium New Years Eve… like yesterday too…. 23 years ago… Crazy…. Time is truly speeding as our perception of it alters.. Also the year 1989… The Year the Berlin wall came down… A friend of ours worked in Germany and He brought a bag of pieces of the Berlin wall back with him.. He gave me a piece… I still have it with graffiti on it… Lets hope more divides crumble Marina…. in the Next twenty plus years… I hope to live long enough to see some positive changes in Unity … ❤ 🙂 if am lucky LOL

  4. This is my favourite of yours by far. Your voice is so pure and clear. Lovely. And I absolutely love Elias’ quote!

  5. I love this post, and want to hear more of your voice! I think I’m…! For whatever reason (?) Greece pulls me to her, even though I’ve never visited her shores. 💓🙋‍♂️

    • Aw… blushing! 😊 Thank you so much, my friend. I could be biased but Greece tends to do that to people! 😂 After 4 years in London, with many job proposals etc, I didn’t even stay for my graduation ceremony as I was longing to return. I think it’s the sea! 😉 🙏🙏🙏

  6. How cool is that. It really doesn’t matter, but the matter you created is wonderful.

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