between the lines


Between the Lines

Technique: Watercolour

Original size: 13x13cm

from Marina’s Dreamscapes 2012 © Marina Kanavaki


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  1. Whoa!! What a sensory experience!! I tried to read “between the lines,” but my heartbeat began to change its rhythm to match each line. Finally I had to say: Be still my beating heart, just sit back and enjoy this colorful work of genius!!

    Love the colors and vibrancy here, Marina– superb!! : )

    • Now, my heart dances to the rhythm of your words!!!
      As I am not that good (understatement there!) with words I will go along answering in another language. One I know you’ll understand. Here goes:
      Trikablits clevetsbolackls be prigtaflepssheks in frokenworthington and glopekwinferthster tro parperistone!!! (t h a n k y o u)

    • I’m very happy it inspired you to do this! Nice work Charlie, I like it! …and yes I do see the “resemblance” as i can also see a different and unique interpretation. Thank you!

      • When I was younger I always wanted to learn watercolor. So in graduate school I took a watercolor class at the university. The teacher insulted the shape of the circle I drew and then mocked my use of blue. So I stood up, gathered my materials and left. Never tried again. 😦

  2. ohhh so beautiful…………. I love d flow of colours u create marina…………i would love to reblog ur paintings…………. in case U don’t mind.

  3. If I could careen, weave, and suffuse into the linear blur between these lines, my heart, in those transcending moments, would surpass words and colours, becoming art and poetry within the esoteric space. . .

    • Beautiful piece, Luis [or Enri?]. As a musician too, I have never felt the urge to “see” images when writing music, as music is a FULL experience, to me. But it is intriguing how a title works! Thank you for sharing it with me.

  4. Graceful, stunning, compelling composition — the colours tug at my heart, leaving a lingering sensation to cherish. Please let’s get you to exhibit your art work in Toronto. Marina, thank you for inspiring me. Cheers.

  5. I see a landscape, layered though…like other dimension. It’s an interesting abstract and I think I’m going to look at it even longer after I post this comment.
    Hugs, xx

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