atom flowers #19

Happy 1st of October!!!

Atom Flowers#19

Technique: Watercolour

Original size: 13x13cm

from marina’s atom flowers 2011  © marina kanavaki


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[museum quality printing and framing]


Marina’s Art Shop

Visit Marina’s Art Shop for more items with Atom Flowers #2 design.

Marina’s Art Shop

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Marina’s Art Shop

47 replies »

  1. So lovely, Marina! I love the purple shades.
    This is perfect for October. It reminds me of our flowers which are graciously hanging on to some of their colors as they near the end of the season.
    Another beautiful painting!

  2. I like the sense of space here. It’s like the energy is reaching out further and further expanding the sphere of beauty.

  3. Gorgeous Marina 🙂
    so many hearts in this one 🙂
    your brush strokes make hearts ! love it 🙂
    and you have hats in your store 🙂 That is sooooooo cool 🙂
    big hugs xo

  4. I love the softness of the colours in this one , the combination of the purple and the green. It’s still a strong painting though. Beautifully done, Marina!
    hartelijke groeten, Francina 🙂

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