the woods IV multiples

The time of the week when I multiply, dissect, magnify… [!]

The Woods IV printed on various items!

the woods IV©Marina Kanavaki


Marina’s Art Shop


the_woods_iv_horizontal_picture_frame   the_woods_iv_large_tealight_candle_holder   the_woods_iv_small_tealight_candle_holder

the_woods_iv_wall_clock    the_woods_iv_shower_curtain

the_woods_iv_round_jewelry_case  the_woods_iv_key_hanger   the_woods_iv_vertical_picture_frame  the_woods_iv_round_wine_charms


the_woods_iv_cookie_jar    the_woods_iv_coffee_tray

the_woods_iv_teapot  the_woods_iv_mug  the_woods_iv_milk_bottle  the_woods_iv_sugar_container

the_woods_iv_round_cocktail_plate  the_woods_iv_cocktail_platter  the_woods_iv_cloth_napkins the_woods_iv_apron


the_woods_iv_laptop_skins  the_woods_iv_journal  the_woods_iv_business_card_case  the_woods_iv_mousepad

clothing & accessories

the_woods_iv_t  the_woods_iv_mens_all_over_print_tshirt  the_woods_iv_sweatshirt the_woods_iv_tee

the_woods_iv_shoulder_bag-1   the_woods_iv_mini_wallet

the_woods_iv_silver_round_necklace the_woods_iv_round_compact_mirror the_woods_iv_clasp_wallet the_woods_iv_messenger_bag

for the pet

the_woods_iv_large_pet_bowls the_woods_iv_pet_tag the_woods_iv_small_square_pet_tag the_woods_iv_dog_collar

Visit Marina’s Art Shop for more The Woods IV and Trees & Forests gifts


Marina’s Art Shop

See also Marina’s calendars
  The Woods IV Calendar Print 1 

The Woods IV – 2013 from her watercolor series: Trees & Forests © Marina Kanavaki


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[museum quality printing and framing]

71 replies »

  1. Marina,
    I love these orange woods. but when I try to open that pet page I get an error #404. I’m not on Facebook, but maybe it’s a technical problem.

  2. Your beautiful forests – trees burning with light – I know them so well here in British Columbia – they are always my vision and sanity…

  3. Fantastic!!!!. Great colors. I really love the whole scene and the natural elements represented. Really gorgeous work.

  4. Spectacular and sublime, dear Marina! Composer Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasons’, all at once in this concerto of a canvas! Love it. Stin iyá su! xxxxx

  5. it’s a fantastic image .. very powerful and bold, but still calm and very earthy. I like the T-shirt (men) where the whole front is cover with it. And the clock of course.

  6. sorry: is it possible to pay by bank transfer – we had so many problems with pay pall – that I skipped it… please write me a personal mail with payment details – I like to by :
    The Woods IV Shoulder Bag – tan color – Product #: 030-771059646 🙂 camilla

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