the woods IV

the woods IV©Marina Kanavaki

The Woods IV

Technique: Watercolour

Original size: 28x21cm


detail 1

the woods IV det1©Marina Kanavaki

detail 2

the woods IV det2©Marina Kanavaki

detail 3

the woods IV det3©Marina Kanavaki


The Woods IV – 2013 from her watercolor series: Trees & Forests © Marina Kanavaki


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64 Responses to “the woods IV”
  1. deCamville Design says:

    Marina, I put a link in my today’s post – your bag & Camilla’s scarf – because this kind of connection is EXACTLY what I have just written about! 🙂 AMAZING! 🙂

  2. sriramjanak says:

    Marina..your wood series is just fantastic…

  3. Francina says:

    wonderful painting. The warmth the forest radiates through the colours you used, invites you to come over and sit beneath a tree. very lovely, Marina.
    Thank you for sharing!
    groetjes, Francina 🙂

  4. jfossbakk says:

    Really like the calm colors in contrast to the livefull trees! gave me a feeling of joy and happiness. And that is not a small thing 🙂

  5. frizztext says:

    I like your new topic very much, Marina – immediately I started to dream, longing to visit this little line of trees …

  6. Hello Marina – Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for “Blog of the Year 2012!” Keep up the great work & enjoy the day! 🙂

  7. For some odd reason – your paintings remind me a little bit of “Marilyn Mansons’. Have you seen his water-colored paintings? You should check them out. They are amazing…

    I like these water-colored paintings from you…excellent imagery.

    I will be posting my new blog today….Sorry for the delay I had to attend matters of my girlfriends health.

  8. Pretty pastels above and below a halo of orange tree tops.
    Lovely ….

  9. violetski says:

    Love the beautiful ,fall colours❤ Really beautiful❤❤❤

  10. dilipnaidu says:

    A sedate and beautiful painting. Very pleasing.

  11. mohsin says:

    So awesome , so real.

  12. Blood-Ink-Diary says:

    One of those rare moments in existence when a pure light glows – these compositions ! The connectivity in the last piece unites two images – I don’t know but am seeing a kiss just before the blue colours sweeps in. Just too stunning, dear Marina. Brava !

  13. The close up of the trees is so beautiful. Maybe you could re-create one with only trees. Lovely – water colour is so mallible. Good stuff. I am not sure how I got here but happy to have discovered you.

  14. deCamville Design says:

    Oh, how beautiful!! I LOVE the greys and browns with the orange! I don’t know which I love more – the sky, the sea or the trees! ~xoxoxoxo!!! 🙂

  15. aFrankAngle says:

    To me, the browns make the red!

  16. viveka says:

    Fantastic job, Marina …. love the deep colors and the cool blue in the front – very calming.

  17. Madhu says:

    Just marvelous Marina! The different strata perfectly balanced! And what a beautiful shade of Turquoise! Love it 🙂

  18. Cat Forsley says:


  19. makagutu says:

    beautiful water colors

  20. Has a really sweet, surreal feel to it, Marina, I love this one!

  21. Bumba says:

    I like this one very much. It’s interesting how even the sections/magnifications are also beautiful in their own right. Like fractals, altho it’s not a fractal at all. It works!

  22. This is stunning Marina! You are so talented.

  23. Deb says:

    I love all the fall colors! 🙂 Another great design on merchandise this one is going to be! 🙂

  24. Humbled and very grateful, David!
    Thank you!

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