May Flowers

A bouquet of flowers for the first of May.
The month of color.
Happy May everyone!
May Flowers

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  1. Marina, you’re amazing. How you come up with new colours, new imagery so regularly… WOW. Beautiful.

  2. Oh what colors Marina…haven’t seen so many colors in a single painting of yours before. Love this so much…:-)..was away with the elephants for 10 days…and was welcomed by this colorful work…of yours when I opened my mail box…a few days back..:-)

    • Aw, thank you, Sriram. So happy to hear that.
      Being with the elephants must have been some experience! Your photos are incredible!
      I thought of doing a collage of my Atom Flowers for the opening of May, the month of blossom and color.

  3. My God – you get a lot of thumbs up!
    Beautiful Painting of the May Flowers
    (and in our garden we don’t quite have the flowers you have!)

  4. Gorgeous flowers of May.Beauty within the heart and within the soul is infinite.Thank you for liking my post ( Loving my Woman ).Jalal

  5. I like the first one very much, the one with the black background, excellent!

    • Deborah, If this is true for one person and one person only, it’s already more than what I’d ask for. Thank you so very much for your kind and heartwarming comment!
      🙂 xxxxx

  6. ________________________________ : marina kanavaki : : 3:36 .. , 1 2013 : [New post] May Flowers marina kanavaki posted: ” A bouquet of flowers for the first of May. The month of color. Happy May everyone! May Flowers by marina-kanavaki on Polyvore”

  7. Spectacular colors to put a smile on any Mother for Mother’s Day. I think the white background is beautiful with the bright colors but as an artist we love our black so I love the black background. It’s what makes art very challenging … trying to capture the eye of the viewer. Lovely, Marina.
    HAPPY MONTH of MAY ….!!!!!

  8. WordPress was mean to me yesterday and wouldn’t let me comment here so I will just say quickly, while it lets me, that I loved the top May flowers. The contrast in the colours against the black background is startling. I love it!

  9. Exceptionally gorgeous, my dear friend! It’s a refreshing post.
    Chances are I shall be deleting my blog soon.

    • Oh, I sincerely hope you don’t, my dear. It would be very unfortunate for all of us! Please reconsider!
      Thank you for your kind words …always!
      xxxxxxx 🙂

  10. Hi Marina ,Exeptional arragement of colors so seren and vivid.Regards.jalal

    • Thank you, my dear Madhu! I know, white is more ‘appropriate’ for May but I couldn’t resist the contrast!
      Have a beautiful month (full of journeys maybe? 🙂

      • No Marina, I want to stay put even if it means braving 40 degree heat here. Have had too much traveling up and down over the past few weeks for weddings and funerals in the extended family! So no more wandering until July 🙂

  11. Fantastic piece of art, on a scale of 1-10, you hit an 11. So many wonderful elements, congrats and have a wonderful month of May – Happy May Day to you as well!

  12. Wow … again – that this is so beautiful …. the black background a bit too dark for me .. but the whit – so delicate and still colorful. Happy May to you too.

  13. Un abbraccio alla tua splendida creatività!
    Questa creazione mi piace moltissimo!!!!!!
    Un saluto dal mio cuore
    cara Marina 🙂

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