Blue Seduction

It is with great joy that I reblog Jeannie’s “Blue Seduction” where she has featured my “Atom Sea #16” watercolor painting and woven pillow next to her hypnotizing [to use her word!] and incredibly beautiful cobalt blue jewelry.
Do visit her fabulous blog for more of her creations.

Thank you so much, Jeannie!! 🙂

Categories: Atom Sea

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  1. That is a beautiful presentation of creativity. The various elements complement each other perfectly.


  2. A lovely collage… I do like blue shades and your special design, Marina, rememper me of the deep-blue after the coral-reefs… The tropic islands… the sun and sand! Have a nice sunday :-)claudine


    • Aw, thank you so much, Claudine and thank you on behalf of Jeannie too whose collage this is. A collage featuring her magical electric blue jewelry and my Atom Sea watercolor.
      …yes, I remember!
      Happy weekend!


    • You too Fergie! Thank you on behalf of Jeannie too – it is actually her wonderful layout showing her cobalt blue amazing jewelry. Featuring my Atom Sea watercolor was her graceful idea! 🙂


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