Character No15

character#15©marina kanavaki

detail 1

character 15 det1©Marina Kanavaki

detail 2

character 15 det2©Marina Kanavaki

detail 3

character 15 det3©Marina Kanavaki

Character #15

Technique: Ink and pastel on paper

Original size: 12x21cm

Character #15 © from M.K. solo exhibition in 1999 at Epohes Gallery: “CHARACTERS

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[museum quality printing and framing]

If you wish to know more about the painting [concept, price & availability] or if you see something you like that has sold, I am happy to paint something similar as a commission, please get in touch at
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  1. At first glimpse this would seem simplicity in form
    but with a more in depth view one can appreciate
    the finished piece of art and relate to the majestic
    finishing touches. This is brilliant Marina 🙂

    Andro xx

  2. Why does that character have a pained expression on his face?? He should be beaming to have been featured in a Marina Kanavaki composition!! : )

    It’s amazing how much energy you convey with your brushstrokes– love those gold streaks, too! Well done, Marvelous Ms. Kanavaki!! : )

    • What can I say Mark… some characters are just ungrateful! ! 😆
      I am so glad you appreciate this. It means a whole lot, coming from you! 😳 (blushing!)
      Have an enjoyable and creative weekend. 🙂

  3. This is amazing, Marina! You are so talented!
    He looks so intensely sad, but then my own experiences and emotions over the last several days are, I’m sure, affecting how I interpret this piece.
    Hope your week is off to a lovely start!
    Hugs! 🙂

    • Oh, Fergie, he is too! A reminder of how vulnerable we can be… I’m so glad you like this and hope your emktions and experiences will gradually shft to the other side!
      Hugs back! xxxx

  4. There’s several energies and elements I feel and see… the erect strength of gold bamboos between the flow of tiny birds playing hide and seek. Magnificent structure but with the voices of a sonata ~ Brilliant dear!

  5. Another amazing abstract. I love it, and that you created it in black and white. It gives it makes it more exquisite.

  6. Really fab details for this character. This character series is a runaway favorite for me. You “live with”/create interesting characters.

    • I’m so happy you like and appreciate it, Patricia. This may be a very different painting period in my life but however it remains very fresh in my mind! 🙂 Happy Friday, my friend!
      🙂 xxxxx

  7. I love this Marina – very nice to see something “new” from you – it’s simply great!!! xox Camilla

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