the fortune tree [part 1]

Fortune Tree 1/5

detail 1

FORTUNE TREE#1 det1 ©Marina Kanavaki

detail 2

FORTUNE TREE#1 det2 ©Marina Kanavaki

detail 3

FORTUNE TREE#1 det3 ©Marina Kanavaki

Technique: Watercolour

Original size: 20x29cm

Part of 5 paintings / stages of “marina’s fortune tree“2011 © marina kanavaki

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fortune tree all5©marina kanavaki


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  1. I love your free-flowing brush strokes, I’ve said it before… 🙂 they are so ethereal and have this soothing/calming quality to them… my image of you painting is (might be so far from reality but humour me my friend) lots of natural light, your palette mixed and ready, and the sound of the ocean setting the rhythm of the painting… aaahhhhh!!! some day I’ll visit Greece and lose myself in the blues of the ocean and the creams and greys of history… lovely 🙂 xo Alexandra

    • You have captured my imaginary place when I paint. That’s exactly where I am! 🙂
      This place does have that effect on people.
      This year I only visited the sea once yet I’m overflowing of blues, the cool breeze and the taste of salt from the sea.
      I hope you do get to visit!!
      Thank you my dear.
      Have a wonderful weekend.
      🙂 xxxxx

  2. Just a question ~ why the “fortune tree?” I adore trees and yours have a flair, but also, to me, it carries a sense Becoming ~ I’d call it, The measure of my creation.” I’d love this for a gardening set of tools, apron, gloves ~but that’s just my passion. Magnificent work!

    • “Measure of my creation” sounds really nice!
      The word “fortune” embodies meanings like wealth, luck, fate, chance, favor, destiny, success, prosperity. To me, is was a tree bringing good fortune [gradually becoming gold], and I do not mean just material but spiritual wealth / growth. Hmm, gardening tools… a great idea. Thank you, my dear Deborah!

  3. Marina everyone should have a fortune tree like that growing outside their door, I take you are going to provide those seeds… I name that tree ‘Marina’…

    • Oh, I completely agree with you, Doron. Everyone should have a ‘tree of abundance’! Very flattered about the name!! 🙂 🙂 Seeds are provided, albeit not by me. They’re there for everyone! 🙂

      • So I take it will be your next business agenda selling packet seeds with your beautiful painting for each type and I hope my 10% will be transferred to me as good will… No no transfer is needed it give me great pleasure to see your energy and production keep it on. Make sure that every part of this beautiful planet remain green.

  4. The color combinations are different from your normal style. Nonetheless, I think they work very well!!!!! …. and I like the green being “underground”. Cheers for this creation!

  5. Your trees so lovely and full of dancing life – surrounded here by trees – they become friends and story tellers – I think you know them well…

    • Ah, thank, you, Patricia! What a lovely thought!
      What actually inspired this was my morning view. The leaves of a tree I see every morning outside our window, come to life through the first rays of the sun, transforming them from dark green, to emerald, orange and then this golden glowing yellow. These are my moments of abundance (hence the title). This only happens in autumn.
      A beautifully lucky Tuesday to you, my friend! 🙂 xxxx

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