atom flowers #13

While my fortune tree grows…

Atom Flowers #13

atom flowers #13©Marina Kanavaki

detail 1

AtomFlowers13 det1 ©Marina Kanavaki

detail 2

AtomFlowers13 det2 ©Marina Kanavaki

detail 3

AtomFlowers13 det3 ©Marina Kanavaki

Technique: Watercolour

Original size: 13×13

from “marina’s atom flowers” 2013 © Marina Kanavaki


Atom-Flowers-No13_framed art af13 float-frame-big fl_all

[museum quality printing and framing]

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atomflowers13 framed s6 af13 canvasizer6154393_8035714-cnvcorner_lz

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  1. Hi Marina, I know nothing about water colours, but I have a friend who does and he told me of a special technique that you could try: after a colour washing, put your work in the deep freeze for a couple of minutes and then dry it between some books. Hopefully the results are worthwhile. Hugs from Ralphie.

  2. It would be nice for you to not post new work so I could choose one for my wall. Each new image impresses me more! I know you won’t stop so I’ll choose one soon:) Thank you, EE

  3. Marina, this is gorgeous! (as always) 🙂 Lovely soft greens and beautiful blues, violets and purples. I love it! Happy Friday and a very Happy Weekend to you, my dear friend! ~xoxo

    • So nice to hear that from you, Patricia!! Thank you my kind friend! I find I’m attracted more and more to those serene and peaceful colors. You too have a wonderful weekend and Friday! xxxx 🙂

  4. Beautiful, Marina! Such rich and lovely colors, and of course my favorite color, purple. I hope this helps bring you lots of fortune in many different ways!

    • It’s so good to see you here FM, with everything you are going through… I hope things are progressing better every day. Thank you for your beautiful comment and I wish you good fortune in everything as well, my dear! 🙂

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