Batteries low!

Off for a little creative recharge!

Depending on the internet connection, I will be visiting but probably not as regularly.
Will be back to a normal pace soon.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


114 Responses to “recharging….”
  1. JK Bevill - Lost Creek Publishing says:

    Reblogged this on lost creek publishing.

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    BEAUTIFUL. Bet you feel great 🙂

  3. AAAhhh … rest and relaxation. the best way to recharge our batteries.
    Peace and tranquility to you, Marina. ~~~~ : – )

  4. Jayanth says:

    Had a great short holiday i hope! 🙂

  5. supernova1c says:

    Hope you had a nice time Marina and a good rest 😉 my regards, James 🙂

  6. Mary says:

    I’m very late, but hope you had a wonderful time and left feeling totally recharged!

  7. The Hook says:

    Have fun renewing your artistic spirit, Marina!

  8. Fergiemoto says:

    The beach looks like a wonderful place to recharge! The image makes one feel refreshed and at peace. Hope you are having a wonderful recharge!

  9. frizztext says:

    “no computers” time out? good luck, don’t get sad!

  10. Have a wonderful recharge Marina. Enjoy. And thanks for all your support.

  11. jmsabbagh says:

    Great idea and very essential to recharge. Fascinating shot.Jalal

  12. I just got back from a re-charge. Having a mind with nothing in it was such a wonderful feeling. No computers feels so good. I have to remind myself that I don`t need to go away in order to achieve it. Apparently the world went on quite well without me!! Enjoy Marina

    • Thank you, Lesley. The world does but I know that it’s going to do even better now you’re back! I have to try the “no computers” some time. That reminder is easier said than done. It usually takes a visit to a place with no internet or a power siege. Takes the ‘guilt’ away!
      Happy return and a beautiful autumn ahead!

  13. enjoy! ya sou, marina!

  14. This looks amazing……! Σε ποιο μέρος είσαι Μαρίνα?

  15. sriramjanak says:

    beautiful place for recharging..:-)..have a great time Marina

  16. dilipnaidu says:

    Looks like a beautiful place to recharge your creativity Marina. Best always 🙂

  17. Meanderer says:

    It’s such a good idea to recharge as I recently discovered. Enjoy your break, Marina. See you soon!

  18. Have a good break, Marina!

  19. Just what you need, me too;-) Love, xx

  20. clinock says:

    Relax and enjoy – look forward to your return Marina…

  21. violetski says:

    Enjoy ! Gave a wonderful holiday dear Marina !

  22. deCamville Design says:

    Marina, I hope you are having a wonderful relaxing, rejuvenating time!! You deserve it! That is a beautiful beach! ~xoxo!!!

  23. doronart says:

    Marina, I never thought someone like you need a recharge…. have a great one…

  24. Madhu says:

    Ah that looks like the perfect place to recharge! Enjoy your break Marina 🙂

  25. Nuno says:

    Have a nice week!

  26. Hope you have a nice recharge and come back refreshed. Take care and see you when you return.

  27. Coco says:

    Have a nice time ! 🙂

  28. adinparadise says:

    Have a wonderful rest, Marina. Love that blue. 🙂

  29. Lindy Lee says:

    Hi! Marina,

    Always good to see your blog site. Take an ankle deep wade in that green-blue water…

  30. Deb says:

    Have a nice break, Marina!
    Love the beach you have there!.

  31. Russ L says:

    May your muse appear where you recharge!

  32. Kait says:

    Enjoy. Put your feet up! 🙂

  33. Ohhh… have a nice break and come back soon!!! 🙂

  34. Have a good time, see you when you are back at full power…! 😎

  35. Anonymous says:

    Nice place to recharge! – I think I need to as well!

  36. paranoiasnfm says:

    Enjoy!!! 😀

  37. Have a great Break Away and relaxation always recharges our Creative Spirit… Enjoy! Marina, and we will still be here, so no worries, sometimes we have to just BE!
    Love to you
    Sue xoxox

  38. Enjoy. Love the shot.

  39. I’m off for a few days too – only as far the exotic east coast of England! Come back with even more creativity at your fingertips

  40. Replicant Core says:

    Love your art!
    Please have a comfortable recharge.

  41. makagutu says:

    Have a nice break Marina

  42. Anonymous says:

    Looks very nice – have a great re-charge my friend 🙂

  43. Dear Marina, have a nice break! Abrazo, Rosa

  44. Nawfal says:

    Have a restful recharge – we all need that from time-to-time – I know I need that too. We will be here when you get back, so don’t worry if you are without Internet. Warm regards… 🙂

  45. That’s a great idea, Marina! I think I’ll do that too!

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