What Do You REALLY Know About Dog Fighting?

April 8 is

National Dog Fighting Awareness Day

Thank you, Rumpy for the reminder! 😉



Visit ASPCA’s page on dofighting:

Dogpaddling Through Life

April 8 is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day. Designated by the ASPCA, the day is designed to educate us about what dog fighting is and how we can stop it.

dog-fighting-quizz-header dog fighters start training dogs as pups (photo from ASPCA)

Here are some interesting facts about dog fighting:

Dog fighting became popular in the US in the late 1800’s. Many police officers and firefighters were participants. That’s why the New York legislature gave Henry Bergh (founder of ASPCA) law enforcement powers- they knew he couldn’t depend on law enforcement for support.

While some dog fighters are “street fighters” who starve and beat their dogs to get them to become aggressive, the hobbyist and professional dog fighters invest in their dogs. They breed for aggressiveness, provide good nutrition and veterinary care for their dogs, and exercise and train them. And it pays off financially. Professional fights can earn big payouts for winning…

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  1. Dog fighting is deeply distressing for me. It reveals the ugly side of humans who can enjoy this blood sport. Although dog fighting is illegal here, the NSPCA in South Africa recently uncovered a dog fighting ring. All the dogs had to be euthanized, as they were in such bad shape 😥
    Thanks, Marina, for raising awareness.

  2. I’m surprised, saddened, and thrilled that you put this here. I don’t know if I missed something, but my image of you is one of happiness and art. Finding this love for animals in the face of despicable circumstance seems perfect to me though. Well done. Nothing like putting a nugget of nasty in a sea of beauty to make it pop. The animals are either victims or friends. They don’t get a choice, but we do. Thanks for choosing to be a voice for them, even though it doesn’t fit with your theme.

    • I understand how it can seem odd but if you think about it, it’s all about beauty. What I consider beauty, that is. So whenever I see ‘clever’ people messing with nature, I get upset. I share it mainly because I want to see beauty restored. I wouldn’t paint it for the exact same reason. I only paint what my heart wishes to see and sees.
      Thank you, my dear Benjamin. You are right. They don’t get a choice…

  3. I can never understand the need of humans to perpetrate cruelty on animals for their pleasure. Thanks for the share Marina. Shall publicise on my personal networks.

  4. This is so sad, will share on tweeter, I cannot believe things like this still happen in our world. I did not know they train puppies, is just makes me made. Thanks for the share. Good day!

  5. Dog fighting is a horrid, cruel and yet another unjust idea some men (includes some women) perpetuate on our beautiful animals.
    My heart is broken by these actions.

    • Unbelievable isn’t it? Let us hope humanity will grow up -some time soon! At least seeing the release of those beings by caring people is a hopeful message.

  6. I’m absolutely against the use of animals for any kind of demonstration… circus, zoo, aquarium, carts, richòs, horse racing ..
    Sometimes I also feel a strange feeling in thinking about my riding that I did when I was young or in watching my kids riding their horses…
    But if there’s one thing that turns my stomach is the fight between dogs or roosters (in Thailand I had the misfortune of seeing one).
    I’m sure that there are no “bad” animals (especially with regard to the dogs), but rather it is the stupidity and wickedness of their owners to make them so.
    My dear, we can not change these people… who do not even deserve to exis!
    Hugs and kisses to you Marina :-)claudine

    • Unfortunately there are far too many wrongs but I feel that the purpose of these days is to give hope and make us more aware so that maybe – just maybe one day even these people will learn.
      Many hugs and kisses to you too, my dear Claudine! 🙂 xxxx

  7. Thanks for the info on the horrific dog fighting – its in the UK too and I hate it!
    Almost every where I walked you’d find kids in tracksuits and their pit bulls
    A year on, and I jog every where and haven’t seen one yet!!

    • I know and then they make laws [Breed Specific Legislation] incriminating and then executing pit bulls for being ‘dangerous dogs’! One can witness exactly how ‘dangerous’ these dogs are by the way the greet the rescuers…

  8. Thankfully we don’t have this in India. But its good to be educated on this sport and voice my opinion in appropriate forums. Thank you and warm regards dear Marina.

    • Oh, I’m so happy to hear that, my dear Dilip. You are right about sharing and I thank you for that, my friend. The more aware we are, the more likely it is to end! Warm regards from me too. 🙂

  9. There are still so many wrongs in the world Marina.. and this is another of them… I have google shared this one… And Rumpy Dog and Jen do so much good 🙂 xxx Sending you Love too xox Sue

    • Yes, they do! It’s exactly because of people like Jen, and you [you already knew!] that I believe that there is hope! Many wrongs, true, but look all they’ve accomplished. That’s why I share these, because there is still kindness and hope. I see it on the faces of all those people rescuing innocent beings.
      Thank you so much for sharing. I know how much you care and how much these wrongs affect you. Much much love 🙂 xxxx

      • Yes, sometimes watching videos of ill treated animals etc in animal shelters and yes my heart lurches and I feel so sickened that mankind can be so cruel.. But I give thanks that so many kind hearted people care and give to help those who have not voice.. It shows us that this world is far fuller of those who care and share their hearts… 🙂 Love back xox

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