atom flowers for january

Atom Flowers No15


atom flowers #15 © Marina KanavakiTechnique: watercolour

Original size: 13x13cm

from “marina’s atom flowers” © marina kanavaki


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simpleFrameEngine Atom-Flowers-No_art


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16703680_13875429-frm118wt02_pm      16703680_13875429-cnv01_lz
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  1. hi, marina! long time no speaky! again, words are nothing in trying to explain the simplicity and presence of this work! nothing new there…you always make me speechless! can we have many many more such simple but equally dramatic pieces this year, please?

  2. Atom Flour… yes, I think I remember that story: Eve gave Atom an apple, then Atom said, “Hey, these are good! Here– take this flour, and bake me a pie!” And things kinda went downhill from there… : (

    My dear Marina!! You’re one of the few gardeners who know the secret of growing beautiful flowers in January! As ye paint, so shall ye reap: meaning, of course, the essence of True Beauty distilled to perfection on canvas. And we, your legion of fans, clasp this beauty to our metaphorical bosom, and are transported beyond the drear’ days of winter to a land of wild and riotous and rapturous Spring!!

    Atom had the flour, but you have the power. We, the mesmerized, thank you… : )

    • I’m pleased to see that the bugs have left the brain in tact – and by now [after multiple executions] I hope they are history anyway!
      Mark, my dear genius friend, in my effort to find the right words to express the effect your words have, I ended up imagining a window opening, letting in warm sun rays, scent and view of blooming flowers and a light breeze lifting me up… hey, I’m floating!
      Atom had the flour, indeed!!!! 🙂
      Enjoy a beautiful beautiful day, my dear Mark! 🙂

  3. It is always a wonderful blessing to embrace what lives within your heart, which you bring to life and share. The first picture resembled a face relaxing and enjoying life…your painting always inspire beloved! The colors are so very tranquil! Made my day this morning!

    • Wendell, my dear friend, actually your words made my day [even if it’s almost 3 days later!] and I can’t thank you enough! A big big thank you from my heart! Enjoy a wonderful week! 🙂

  4. The color and nuances that gives the yellow ocher, are, by comparison, the mirror of the soul, with brushes, gives us the beauty and cleanliness.
    Recommend and suggest purchasing this last work of Marina, because his possession, gives warmth that we have, only in the lost things.

    A kiss, my friend.


    • Lost things like good friends who always have warm and kind words of support.
      Humbly grateful for your friendship, my dear Ninni.
      Have a beautiful day [every day], wherever life takes you
      stay safe.

  5. Flowing ribbons of color hugging petite little flowers. A very beautiful painting to bring a smile to anyone’s face. 😊
    May 2015 be the year that fills your heart with an over abundance of joy and love. 😘 😍

    • Ah, my dear Isadora – how beautifully said!! You just made those ‘flowing ribbons of color’ and the ‘petite little flowers’, so happy! Thank you for this and the lovely wish. May your year be abundantly joyous in every aspect of your life – in good health! 🙂 xxxxxx

  6. Beautiful bright and cheerful orange flowers just right for a lovely New Year. This visit dear Marina was a happy chance as I did not receive intimation on my email id 🙂 Either I’ve become intuitive or missing your beautiful colors to start the New Year 🙂

    Kind regards!

  7. Beautiful composition, perfect colors, love the motion what you created with your brush by pulling it out from the flower bouquet and how those overlapping layers created new shades of colors and added dimension. Wonderful piece Marina! Have a lovely weekend!

  8. i always love the collection of what I call the Marina Swoosh. Shades of purple, goldish orange, and sage green go well. Then again, close examination reveals a myriad of colors! Cheers to your work!

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