album underway…

A beautiful Sunday, everyone!

Recordings are coming along nicely and as scheduled.
However, because of that, I am busiest than ever.
Hopefully in a week’s time, I’ll resume my ‘normal’ rhythms!


Till then,
here’s another song from our first album [Ovation]



 Have a beautiful week ahead!


m+o in studio2

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  1. I like the sound even though it strays from Hank Williams. I like that dog clip too. Reminds me of the RCA Viictrola dog. Also reminds me of my dog Spotty, my best friend when I was a child.


  2. Marina, endless, unrelentless, amazing creativity! Your work is unique quite an achievement in a world that sometimes feels left to repetitions… May inspiration be your companion always!!! Sending you loving hugs, Alexandra


  3. It ‘an immediate sweetness hear your words,
    your whispers and your breath,
    sing into the soul and whisper
    the words that you told me never.

    many kisses, my dear friend.
    Bye fm Italy


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