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Indeed, that word came out of my computer and to emphasize,
here’s a little wiki analysis:

Leggings are a type of skin-tight garment that covers the legs and that may be worn by both men and women. Formerly, leggings were two separate garments, one for each leg.
Modern leggings are typically made from a blend of lycra (aka spandex), nylon, cotton, or polyester blend, but they can also be made from wool, silk and other materials. Leggings are available in a multitude of colors and decorative designs. Leggings are sometimes worn fully exposed, but are more traditionally worn partially covered by a garment such as a skirt, a large t-shirt, shorts, or fully covered by an outer garment, such as a full length skirt.

source: Wikipedia

Of course there is a reason for this:
This type of garment has just been added to my collection at my art shop.
However there are two added bonuses to the description above:
1.  Their quality: A proprietary six-panel cut and sew construction provides an unprecedented quality in fit and versatility with an adjustable waist line for wearing high, low or somewhere in between. Using the highest quality anti-microbial polyester spandex material, these premium leggings wick moisture and remain breathable, making them perfect for running or runways.
2.  Their looks: Guess who’s designed them AND they can be combined with various types of tees!
Here are my first two designs:
Paths of Color [Turquoise, Blue and Green]


legings paths of color [GB] by marina


legings poppies by marina

More designs coming soon so be sure to come back and visit my art shop here
Society 6 offer these new leggings $5 off until May 10th as well as FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE on everything*!

*Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases, Wall Clocks and Rugs excluded.

A wonderful weekend ahead everyone!

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  1. They are gorgeous Marina! I might be a bit (that should read ‘too’) old for the printed leggings, but I adore the T shirts. Fab job!

    • Oh, no! We are as old as we feel! I have to admit though that as much as I love looking at them I very very rarely wear them! So happy you like them and my tees, Madhu.
      Have a beautiful June and weekend ahead! 🙂

    • Awwww….. that is so sweet, my dear Christy! Thank you so much for the thought!
      So, you are a July child, then?! 🙂
      A slightly [understatement] delayed thank you and LOVE to you too, my dear friend!!!! 🙂

    • Sun, sea and sky… the right element I think to most people!
      Belated greetings to you too, my dear Ninni and my warmest wishes for a beautiful summer ahead. 🙂

  2. The poppies are spectacular Marina. Thank you for all your support for my work. You’ve no idea how much I appreciate it. Warmest wishes as always…Andrew 🙂

  3. Liebe Marina mir gefallen die blauen Leggings und die T-Shirts am Besten sehr schön einen fröhlichen Dienstag wünsche ich dir hier fängt es gerade an zu regnen grausig ganz liebe Grüße in Freundschaft Klaus

  4. These are wonderful, Marina, and even my daughter who is 23 has two pair of crazy pants, which is what she calls them. They’re kind of like leggings and yoga pants all in one. 🙂 Hope you’re doing well. ♥

    • ‘Crazy pants’ is a great name for them!!!!
      I may need to take a short hiatus soon but all is under control! Hope you and your lovely family are well. love 🙂 xx

  5. Amazing patterns and I can see these being very popular with the Younger generation..:-) The T-Shirt print teams up with them beautifully..

    I hope all is well with you and you are enjoying still the blossoms of May.. Love and Hugs your way.. Sue xxx

    • A belated big thank you, my dear Sue!
      I have seen better days, but the blossoms are always there to enjoy! 😉
      Wishing you a lovely new week, my kind friend. 🙂 xxxx +love

      • I am sorry to here you have felt down Marina.. I thought something was amiss.. Sending you a ton of love and healing energy to uplift your spirits my friend… Love Sue ❤

        • Ah, thank you, Sue for the love and healing energy… we’ve been going through several sad events and although I realize it is all part of life’s circle, healing takes time. Have a beautiful sunny Wednesday.

          • Sending warm hugs dear friend, and yes I know, we each have to endure our sad times.. Wishing you Healing on all levels dear Marina.. In mind body and spirit.. Love Sue ❤

  6. There is always an amazing look in what you create! There is a market for your creations with our younger generations…my daughter is just turned 20…and she likes it! You have that magic touch…Marina!

    • What a compliment [from both you and your daughter – please give her a hug from me!].
      Thank you, my dear Wendell.
      It is you with the magic talent of touching people’s hearts!
      Have a wonderful Wednesday! 🙂

  7. Those are amazing leggings! Marina, I am working more than 12 hours a day. I am very tired, but the good news is when this project is over I will have saved some $ to go shopping! I will definitely be shopping in your space on Society 6. Take care! _Resa

    • So good to hear you’re in a creativity rush! Wishing you all the best with the project and take breaks and rest!!!!!
      Ahhhhh, so sweet of you…. I hope you save lots and lots of extra $ to get anything your heart desires! 🙂 xxxxxxxxxx

  8. Although not the type of garment I would wear, I think your artistic style is very fitting for these. Good choice! … and good luck with sales.

  9. Marina – always ahead of the curve and your latest, well stunning! I love these leggings both sets are fabulous designs that will have everyone talking about them. Congratulations for setting the bar high! Happy weekend to you ~

  10. Wow! I wish I had 4 legs, so I could wear both pairs at once! And I certainly hope these designs will soon be available in men’s suits. What a sensation I’d cause when I strolled into the Illustrator’s Club and ordered a prune juice on the rocks… : )

    Re the tees: I especially like the blue and green design, because it looks like you can see into someone’s digestive system, and it’s churning away in a riot of color!!

    Beautiful work, my dear Marina!! Your work is always gorgeous, but these designs look particularly stunning on leggings. The fashion world will be singing your praises, which, of course, is something I do all the time… : )

    • Oh, I sure am glad you don’t actually have 4 legs! 😆 !!!!!
      As for the Illustrators Club, well, you need no special suit to make a sensation. A very special red carpet awaits you every time you appear – as it should!
      About the digestive system… you reminded me of an old advert about a washing powder with blue and green speckles. Imagine having swallowed that! Ta-da!!!!!
      I know not about the fashion world but I do know that my life would be gloomy without your praise.
      Thank you, my dear friend! 😉

  11. Ohhh my! I am a legging fanatic! Big fan of the blue and green ones 🙂

    • Ah, thank you, my dear Aquileana! Brilliant post on “Zeus and Ganymede” [] 🙂 xxxx

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