Taking the “backward step”…

“Take the backward step and shine the light inward.”

Zen Master Dogen

A good friend* posted this a few days ago:  Dogen’s Backward Step.
Stepping back to move forward – slowing down – pausing, or however one may call it**, is something I have been meaning to do for some time now but kept postponing it.

High time or The Fullness of Time is here [as we say here in Greece]

[from our new album: ETHER]

So, off I go, for a short while.
I will see you all soon, happier and, hopefully, fuller! 🙂

theol 2 21-5-15

theol 1 21-5-15

My warmest  regards and smiles to everyone.
*August Meditations – I am ever grateful for having ‘landed’ there and for all the insightful and enlightening moments I’ve had reading every post.
**Frank [a friend who needs no introduction. Any of my friends not already familiar with him, please visit!] did a brilliant post about it back in April: On the Blogging Blues

I have closed the comments section, as I won’t be able to answer back.